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My name is Sumit Dhangar
I am a Full-Time Blogger Technical, SEO Writer and Founder & CEO of https://Blogfens.com. Talking about education, I am a 12th. I enjoy learning new things related to new technology and teaching others. I request you that you continue to support us in this way and we will continue to provide you with new information. :) #We Blogfens.com Team

I like working on the friend's website blog
Because when we upload a post to a blog
Our teacher teaches us something to see our friend, we like it.
And we lend these posts on social media so we like to reach our written post logo

I have been working on the blog for several years in my friends but never got success in blogging but before about 01/2017 we started searching on the Internet to know about the blog (website) How to earn online and we can create our own website!

01/2017 I did not even know if we could make YouTube's money. In fact, when I searched on YouTube, many videos came to me, for which I watched the video for about six months and many blogs have been created and sold by others, and in this way the whole setting of the blog began to understand, on many websites, I have blogged about what blogs are, what can we do on the blog
So in the same way, Karib has been blogging for several years and I created a website through my domain, but in my mistake, my account was disabled, even though I did not accept it and in 2019, I did not accept https://www.blogfens.com 
After the start of the website, we can never go ahead with the defeat of the friends, so I did not accept any of them, and in 2019 I am again with you with a new website.

About me
I have only studied my friends in 12th and have created many websites so that I can not do anything if I have not done anything or you have done work, so can not do anything.

Friends, we are born of a mother's stomach, without wearing cloth and without wearing clothes, then we are in this world.

So friends have learned in this world as every person teaches. It is just the difference that there is no learning in them. Only I learned a lot on YouTube, and it laughs to your friends, then do it yourself and teach yourself and teach them only Would you like to say
And you have been coming to my website like this, that is my request

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