How To Use Drop Caps In WordPress Or Blogger

Hello Friends, It is also important to give us a better look along with writing a post on our blog. If the design of the post is good then visitors will be able to understand. We are going to tell you in this post how to create Drop Caps (the first letter of the post bigger) in the WordPress or blogger blog. This will give you a different look at the post of your blog.

If you read the newspaper, you may have noticed that the size of the first character is very large. Nowadays, in many websites and blogs, you will see that the first character of the post is enlarged. In fact, also has tried to create a drop cap on my blog.
Dropped is used in many large websites nowadays. Because this design of post gets very good. People like it very much You can also drop cap creates into your blog post. We are going to tell you a few simple steps below so that you can easily create a drop cap in the blog post.

If you are a blogger then you can understand that a blogger has to do a lot more along with writing a post. He has to give time to give his blog a good design. There are very good posts in a blog but its design is not okay, which makes it difficult for visitors to understand. So any visitor will not like to come to his blog.

All bloggers want their blog's design to be good so people do not have trouble understanding it. If you also want to improve the look of your blog then you can create a drop cap for it. Some people would like to know that What is a drop cap?
If we say simple words, by creating drop caps, we show the first letter in the blog post in a different style.

How do Create Drop Caps in WordPress?
First of all, do we know how to create drop caps in the WordPress blog? There are several ways to do this. We will tell you how to add it in 2 ways below. You can make drop caps by following it as you like.

Method 1:- (Adding CSS)
In this method, simply you have to add a CSS code to the style.css of your blog. First of all, you copy the CSS given below.
Now login to your blog's Dashboard and go to Appearance »Editor» Style.css and add the copy CSS and save it.

Method 2: (With Plugin)
  1. It would be nice if the display mode will remain normal. You can also choose another.
  2. From here you can choose the color of the first character.
  3. You can design CSS style add and drop caps right here.
  4. Check Drop Cap Automation so that you can have your own drop cap in all the post and pages of your blog.
  5. Now Save Changes.
Now you can visit by visiting your blog. This way you can add drop caps to your WordPress blog. If your blog is on a Blogspot then you can follow the steps below.

How do you create Drop Caps in the Blogger Blog?
If your blog was in WordPress then you could easily add drop caps through the plugin. But if your blog is in Blogger, then you have to edit the template and add some code to it. For this, we will tell you a very simple method. With this, you just need to add some code once the template is edited. After that, drop caps will appear in all posts of your blog.

Step 1:- First log in to Blogger and after that Sittings »Themes» Edit HTML Visit Now CTRL + F By pressing ]]></b:skin> Search for and ]]></b:skin> Before this code add Do it
Step 2:- Now you again CTRL + F By pressing <data:post.body/> To search Have to do <data:post.body/> before that <div class='blhi-capital'> And <data:post.body /> Afterwards </div> To add. After that something will be like this.
<div class='blhi-capital'><data:post.body/></div>
Now save the template. After that, you can visit your blog and see that the first character in the post will start showing in large size. In this way, you can easily add drop caps to Blogger.

Hope you liked this post. If any questions related to it come to your mind, please comment.
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