Tips For Search Engine Optimization
Tips For Search Engine Optimization

If you are a blogger or have a site then you will know about search engine optimization and hope that we will not even have to tell its importance. In this post, we are going to tell you 100 tips to optimize any website or blog. We will also tell you some of your experience for SEO optimizing here so that you can optimize your blog's SEO well.
SEO sounds very simple to hear but those who do Search Engine Optimization. Ask her why SEO is important and how easy SEO is. It is very easy for me to create a blog and put content in it. If it is difficult then the blog is optimizing for the search engine. When we write a post for our site, we have to do a research post by doing research, but for SEO, we have to follow 200+ terms.
When we think of building a site, then we have to follow SEO rules. If we do not do SEO planning before creating any site, then this can lead to trouble later on. When we buy a domain for the site, we have to choose an SEO friendly domain. If our domain is SEO friendly then the search engine will index all posts of our blog on good position.

One thing is that when I did not even know the SEO ABC, SEO was a big task for me but slowly I got knowledge about it, so SEO does not seem to be very big for me now. This means that if you do not have much knowledge about SEO now SEO will be very hard for you, but when you get good information about SEO, you will not find it hard to do SEO.
I have not seen any such success blogger in my life, who does not follow SEO. We can also call No 1 #Key to get success in blogging. When you follow SEO you will be able to get good traffic from the search engine in your site. When the search engine starts to get good traffic slowly, you will be successful. If you do not know anything about SEO and you want to know about it, then read this post for it.
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100 Search Engine Optimization Tips for All Blogger and Site Admin:-
We are telling you 100 tips for Search Engine Optimization in the bottom so that you can see your blog in a better way. If you follow these tips correctly, you can index your site at the top position in the search engine.

  1. Choose SEO Friendly Niche:- When we think of building a blog or a website, we have to decide what our site will be on that niche i.e. the topic which related information will be shared in the site. I have noticed that some people make their own site on that niche, about which people do not do much research. That is why I want to tell you that when you select a niche of your site, then select a niche which people search more in Google and about which people want to know more.
  2. Choose SEO Friendly Domain:- Many people make a mistake in this when they buy a domain, then the good domain does not choose. When SEO is a friendly domain, then it will be good to search engine ranking.
  3. Use Niche Related Keyword in Domain:- When we take a domain for our site, we should first look at what niche is our site and then we should select a related domain. Example:- As my blog is on blogging niche, so I chose Blog + Fens = domain. Similarly, select your domain related to it.
  4. Catchy Domain name:- If you want to make your most different identity on the Internet, then you have to choose the most different, unique and catchy domain name. Because I have seen many people that they have a domain name related to a popular site that does not like any users, and thinks this is the first and biggest mistake of Blogger.
  5. Choose Country TLD:- If you are creating your site for just one country i.e. when people from other countries visit your site then they will not understand anything and if there is no benefit then you can choose a country top-level domain for this. .In for India For similar USA .us .pk for Pakistan
  6. Which CMS is best:- This question is in the mind of almost every new blogger who has a great idea for who is CMS or platform SEO. That's why if you have money, then I will suggest you choose any of the WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. If you do not have money, then Blogger is the best and you will find many futures in free.
  7. Add some Image in Every Post:- You will know that when we write a post for our blog then it is very important to use the image. This makes the post look good and the reader is easy to understand. Its most important is that by optimizing it for SEO, we can get additional traffic from the search engine.
  8. Optimize Image:- Whenever you add an image to your post or blog, surely add title, alt tag, description. This process is called image optimization.
  9. Compress Image:- When you create an image for your blog, its size is high and when we upload an image of more size in our post then the loading speed will be very slow. To compress the image before uploading it. Compress the image and reduce its size. [Loss without quality]
  10. Responsive Design:- Design your site responsive so that your site can be easily opened in any device. To get a good ranking in SEO, responsive design is very important.
  11. Optimize Site Loading Speed:- It is very necessary to reduce the loading speed of any site. When a site's loading speed is fast, it also likes the user and the search engine too. When a site's loading speed is slow, it is impossible to put it into a good position in the search engine. If a site loads in 1 to 3 seconds then it's great for SEO.
  12. Add Breadcrumbs:- Add breadcrumb navigation to your site's single post. It will also be helpful for your readers and also will be great for search engines.
  13. Optimize Site For Mobile User:- You may know that Google has made this announcement long ago that the site does not open well in mobile, it will never be indexed at the top. That's why your site should be properly opened in mobile devices.
  14. Add Header Menu:- Add Menu to your blog's header area and add some important pages to your site. With this, when you search your site in a search engine, there will also be a lower site link.
  15. Add Links in Footer:- Add important links to copyright information in your site's footer. This link will show in the site link of the search engine result.
  16. Fix Broken Links:- When there are so many broken links in your site, it does a bad effect on your site's SEO. That's why you should keep a timely fix by checking the broken link of your site.
  17. Write Unique & Long Length Article:- When we work hard, we get the results very quickly. When we write unique and long length post by working hard for our blog, we will definitely get a better result.
  18. Don’t Copy/Paste:- First of all, you tell me that Google always hates copyright content. The site that contains the copyright content is never indexed in a good position. That's why to write your own post for your blog and use the image yourself too.
  19. Explain your Content:- SEO really means to better explain your content so that the search engine understands it.
  20. Internal Linking: When writing a post, add another link related to it. We call it internal linking and it gives readers the ability to read the second post and it is very important for SEO.
  21. External Link:- When we write a post sometime we have to add a link to another site. This is what we call external link and it is very important for SEO and readers.
  22. Use formatting:- I have seen many times that many people bold the posting. This is not great for SEO. That's why always use h1, h2, h3 or h4 tags in the post headings.
  23. Use LSI Keywords:- Use LSI i.e. latent semantic indexing keywords in your post. For this, you search Google related keyword with your post and the corresponding keywords that are shown below will be the same LSI keyword.
  24. Keyword Density:- Keep in mind the keyword density and use the keyword in the post itself. Do not use keyword in a post in extra space.
  25. Avoid Keyword stuffing. Because this mistake can bring your post to a bad position in the search engine.
  26. Do not write posts for your benefit, but post it thinking that it will benefit your readers.
  27. Do not leave the post title more than 60 characters and not even less than 30 characters.
  28. If you use too many special keywords in the post, then bold it.
  29. Also, use the number in the title of the post. { Eg: 10 SEO Tips for New Blogger.}
  30. Use the keyword of a good ranking in the post title so that when you search in a search engine the keyword gets highlighted.
  31. Let the URL of Post remain short and both the title and URL of the post should be different. You can use more than 15 characters in the Post URL.
  32. Read a post well before posting. You will be able to fix those which are spelling and other mistakes.
  33. Whenever you post a post for your blog, before clicking on the publish button, ask yourself this question, "If you have written the post, then will your readers get all the information related to it?"
  34. When researching for a new post, first ask yourself the question "How different should your post be to others," and always try to provide 100% better information than others.
  35. Use Semantic Markups:- When we optimize or design our site, there is also a lot of mistakes, and this small mistake becomes the biggest cause of our site is ranked low. Because the search engine does not see our site from the outside but rather looks at its source code. That's why we should continue to check the source code of our site, which tags and attributes are better for SEO and who does not.
  36. User-Friendly Webpage Layout:- To open any site in the browser, we can also show it from the column by layout. Mostly, in the design of the site, there is a sidebar in the right side and the left post content and up / down footer and the header show. This lets users easily recognize our site content and this is a user-friendly layout.
  37. Check Browser Compatibility:- There are so many internet users in the world and everyone uses the internet from a different browser. That's why you should check that your site is properly opened in Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc. browsers. Fix it if there is an issue.
  38. XML Sitemap:- Create an XML sitemap for your site and submit it to Google console and other search engine webmaster. This will help to post your blog fast index in search engine.
  39. HTML Sitemap:- Create a page for HTML sitemap for your users. This will make your readers easy, and when they search engine bot index, then ranking will also improve.
  40. Verify Site On Search Engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo !, Yandex, etc. to your site Verify in the search engine. This will listen to your site search engine.
  41. Optimize Robot txt file:- You must know that the search engine bot checks the robot.txt file before indexing any site or webpage and what is allowed and disallowed. That is, we tell search engine through a robot.txt file which content of our site is indexed and who does not want to index.
  42. Create 301 Redirection:- This redirection will help improve the ranking of your site. This will give the visitor something or something.
  43. Keep Minimum Outbound Link:- We all know that adding an outbound (external) link in the rank is good but it is limited. If you add a more external link then it will have a bad effect on site SEO.
  44. Update Content: Please review and update old posts of your site. This gives the article a great position in the search engine.
  45. Add Social Share buttons:- Add social share buttons to your site. This will allow readers to share a post in social media in one click. This will increase the social engagement of your site.
  46. Don’t use popup:- You will know that Google hates sites that use popups. Because of this, users have trouble and users who like the likes of Google too. That's why do not use popup in your site, this also causes the site loading speed to slow down.
  47. Don’t use many Ads:- Since Adsense has removed Ads limit on the page since then some people use very much ads in their site. Using ads in the site and using popup are both the same. That's why it will be better not to show more than 3 ads on a webpage. I have seen such sites, where there are maximum 2 ads in a post and earning is so that it is not possible to believe and also have visited the site where 8-9 ads are displayed but the earning is of 2 ads. That's not even 40%. This means that by using more ads, the reader recognizes that the ad is not clicked and the less ad use causes people to click on the ads wisely.
  48. No index:- There is some content in our site, which is not good to show in the search engine. We should add no index attribute to the categories of tags on your site.
  49. Optimize Google Webmaster:- When we submit our site to Google console, we have to do a few important settings to use it properly. If we use it correctly, our site at Google will remain in good standing.
  50. Fix GWT Errors:- If there is an SEO issue in your site and you have submitted the site to GWT then you will get the notification and it will also be the process of fixing it, it can fix the errors and you can become king of the search engine.
  51. Create Important Pages:- I have seen many big sites and in all the sites I have found that there are some important pages (like About us, Contact us, Privacy and Policy, Disclaimer).
  52. Submit Site Google Local Listing:- Verify your site in Google business. This will be your site's local SEO optimize, which will let you know about your close users.
  53. Cloaking & Doorway Pages:- Very often it happens that we want to add a link to our post but Google is not allowing the link to be added. In such a way, we have to cloak that link. Google does not allow us to add or add affiliate links. That's why we cloak that link and add it to our post. If we add affiliate link without a cloak, then our blog can get penalized.
  54. Link Exchange:- Contact the owner of a popular site and link to it. That means add your site link to its site and add its site link to your site.
  55. Infographic: Create an infographic on your best theme and share it with different places on the internet. This will also provide backlink with promotion.
  56. Guest post:- Post a Guest Post in a popular blog related to the niche of your blog. Explain about yourself and your site in that Guest Post. This will give you a do-follow backlink from that site.
  57. Create Blog:- Create a separate blog for the promotion of your posts and share your posts link there. This will create a backlink.
  58. Share post on Social Media:- Share your blog post on social media. This will increase the popularity of your site and when popularity will increase the search engine ranking will increase.
  59. Submit a post on Article directory:- Submit your blog post to a popular article directory. Like, submit your post to Pinterest, Digg. This will create a backlink.
  60. Submit Blog on Directories:- Submit your site to the popular high page rank directory. This will give you backlink of high quality.
  61. Active on Forum:- There are so many forum sites on the internet, where millions of people are ready to help. If you have any problems then you can get help in the forum. If someone has a problem, then he will want to know about you. Likewise, slowly and increasing popularity of your site increases.
  62. Create Own Forum:- You can also create your own forum. Like domain will be great. This will allow all users to know about your site.
  63. Don’t Add your site on unrelated Site: Do not submit your blog to your blog in your site niche from the unrelated site. This will give you backlink but this backlink is harmful to the SEO of your site.
  64. Fix technical errors:- There are a lot of technical errors coming in our site. If we do not fix these errors then our site's SEO performance may be down. If there are more errors in your site then its reason could be bad hosting. That's why better hosting is used to avoid this.
  65. Always follow Good SEO Practices:- When we optimize SEO for our site, we have two options. We should always follow Good SEO practices and Google Webmaster Guidelines are Good SEO practices.
  66. Work Regular:- Many people make their blog and write 10-15 posts and leave it to work. Those people think that it will affect only its readers but they should also know that it has a bad effect on the SEO of its site.
  67. Make Trust:- To achieve success in any work, it is very necessary for people to sit in their hearts. In the same way, to get success in blogging, people will have to settle in the heart. When people believe in you, the search engine will also trust you.
  68. No fake, Only Truth:- In the present time, many people give fake news or information about money making money. Remember that you can enjoy this for a while. When your readers know about that information, you can find out what the result will be.
  69. Legal information:- Always try to share legal information in your blog. That is, do not share any information that the government does not allow. Because if you work on this kind of information against the government, then if the complaint is registered then you can delete the blog forever.
  70. Use SSL Security:- You will know that I am using https in my site since last few months. This has greatly increased the search engine ranking of my site and it is also good for users to secure. If you use SSL certificate in your site, then I sure will get better results from you.
  71. WordPress SEO Plugin:- In your WordPress site you can do SEO settings with the help of Plugin. For this, you activate by installing the Yoast SEO plugin and do its settings.
  72. Don’t use Unknown plugins:- You will know that nobody creates the plugin and uploads it to the WordPress directory. Similarly, hackers also make a plugin and upload it to the directory and some people also install it. After activating it, it adds some such tags, attributes, robot.txt to the site, which gradually reduces the ranking of our site.
  73. Don’t change Themes Regular:- I have seen many new bloggers that they keep changing their site theme regularly. This has a bad effect on the SEO of its site. If we use design in our site then the search engine is easy to understand.
  74. Use CDN:- Nowadays, almost all the popular sites use CDN (Content Delivery Network). This makes the site speed loading faster. When loading speed is good SEO ranking will be good too. That's why you can use Cloudflare's free CDN in your blog.
  75. Importance of Domain age:- The Old domain has a 10% effect on Google. That is, the old domain is great for SEO. That's why we should keep using the same domain.
  76. Follow Search Engine Terms:- The bigger the search engines, they have some terms and condition. If we follow all the terms correctly, then we can confirm that we can bring our site to the top.
  77. Advice from Google:- Google is the largest search engine in the world right now. If you have a question related to SEO or need help, you can get help with direct Google support. You can increase your site's ranking by taking good advice from him.
  78. Learn SEO from FAQ:- You can find answers to all the questions related to Google by visiting the Google FAQ page. And you can follow them by following "The King of Google"
  79. Google Adwords:- If you have money, you can make a good position in Google by investing some money. This means that you can show ads in Google AdWords through Adwords. This will promote your site.
  80. Local SEO:- To make your site globally popular, you also have to optimize local SEO. You can optimize local SEO by promoting your site in your local area.
  81. Social Advertising:- You can also show ads to increase engagement in your site's social media. You have to spend some money on this, but when popularity increases in social media, the search engine will definitely increase in ranking too.
  82. Read SEO News:- Google constantly changes in its search engine. So keep reading news so that you know the new way to optimize it.
  83. Know why your site can be penalized:- Know why your site is penalized with Google or it will be followed and follow it.
  84. Create Video:- The post you share on your blog, make videos on the same subject and share it with youtube and social media.
  85. Use Google’s Keyword Tool: Whenever you write the post, do keyword research before that and then add it to your post.
  86. Get keyword ideas from other people:- You can also take the keyword (customers, suppliers, partners, friends, etc.) into your post.
  87. Use Longtail Keyword:- Use the long tail keyword in your post. This is much better than the LSI keyword.
  88. Backlinks affect rankings more than anything else:- Backlink is the biggest ranking factor of search engine. That's why to focus on creating high-quality backlinks.
  89. Comment on Related website:- Comment on your related sites. This is a great way to build a link.
  90. Don’t worry about Domain Authority:- Do not pay too much attention to your site's domain authority. Because when you follow SEO correctly, the domain authority will increase automatically.
  91. Choose between using www or not using www:- Many new bloggers have a lot of tension to keep www in their site or leave www without it. That's why I want to tell you that www or without www does not affect SEO. But most people use www only.
  92. Know where you’re ranking:- If you do SEO optimizing in your site it is also important to know how much benefit you get compared to earlier. You can find out about this by clicking on Traffic in Google Webmaster by clicking on Search queries.
  93. Aim to be in the top 3, not just the top 10:- I have seen a lot of people that they do SEO before hard work and when slowly their blog comes in the 4-5 position, they tend to quit SEO. This gradually decreases the ranking of its site. That's why when you do SEO of your site, keep in mind that you need to take your blog to top # 1 and not in top # 5.
  94. Use rich snippets:- Optimize your site for rich snippets. This will make your site look attractive in the search engine.
  95. Add Schema Markup:- Add the schema markup tags to your site's head, body, footer, etc area. With this, the search engine would better understand your site.
  96. Regularly backup your website:- When you lose your site data, you will lose your ranking too. That's why to keep your site regularly.
  97. If you don’t know, ask someone:- If there is a slight mistake in the SEO of any site, then its ranking is greatly reduced. That's why if you have any confusion related to SEO then consult with a forum or SEO expert.
  98. Sub-domain ( vs. Sub-Directory ( Many people want to create their second blog with the same domain then it has two potentials. If you are wondering which potential would be better for SEO then for that you would like to say that if you want to create a different kind of site on the same domain, then select sub-domain ( and if Sub-directory ( will be run if you are creating related webpage or site from your old site.
  99. Use premium theme (If Possible):- If you have money, then you want to give a suggestion that will do more to your SEO ranking. If you have money then you can use a great theme of the paid theme (Genesis, Thrive Themes, Theme Forest, etc.). It does not have many scripts and extraordinary tags and it is optimized for SEO.
  100. Don’t Check Rank when optimizing SEO:- When you do SEO of your site, do not check all these SEO rankings. If this does not get better results then you will get tension. This will only give you better results but will take some time.

All these tips will be very helpful for you and if you keep following them well then your site will bring a good rank in the search engine. When the site gradually increases, the popularity of your site will increase and when popularity will increase, you will be called a successful blogger.

Finally, just reading and listening does not help, but it has the advantage of implementing it. That is why reading these tips will not only increase the ranking, but you have to follow them. If you follow them properly then you can show your site at the top position in the search engine.

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