10 mistakes that can greatly reduce the traffic of your blog.
10 Mistakes That Decreased Your Traffic To Blog

It is common for blog traffic to increase in traffic times today. Almost all bloggers are concerned about the decreasing traffic of blogs. If the traffic of your blog has decreased, then read this post today. Because in today's post we are going to tell you that "10 such mistakes that can greatly reduce the traffic of your blog."

Do you also want to start blogging? Because you have seen the list of big bloggers, millions of traffic are coming to its blog. For that reason, you also want to create a blog. It is natural that when you will see the list of top bloggers and you will see the traffic of their blog, then you will also think that you can easily do it and with the same intent, you have started the blog too. But after 5-6 months you will know that this is not possible for everyone.

All bloggers require traffic, and no blogger ever wants that the blog's traffic decreases. All bloggers write a post for their blog very hard so that more and more people read their post.

A few years ago, the number of bloggers was low and all bloggers were earning well from their blogs. But in today's time, the number of bloggers has become very high and the number of people who read the blog has decreased. This is the reason that almost all bloggers are very sad about the traffic today.

Whenever I sign in to facebook, WhatsApp, twitter, then I see post about many bloggers' traffic decreases at the top. It also causes me much sorrow. Because in understanding that as hard work as possible to manage the blog, the hard work seems to be writing in the blog. Despite hard work, why not get traffic on blogger?

If our blog's traffic decreases, then we have some mistakes in it too. Often, bloggers can not find those mistakes and they can not even improve them. I know, when Google changes in its algorithm, then all bloggers have a little effect on the traffic. But those who make a mistake in the seo, they have to suffer more.

Today in this post, we are going to tell you about 10 mistakes that reduce traffic to your blog. If you are a blogger then carefully read the points mentioned below and try to avoid these mistakes.

10 Mistakes in Blogging that Effects on Traffic.
1:- Using a Weak Headline
This is the most common and very big mistake made by Blogger. I often see many such bloggers in that they write a new and very good article but because of its not good title, people ignore it.
In today's times, people on the internet are writing millions of traffic drives by keeping their traffic attractive, giving wrong information to their mind. If you use opera or uc browser, you can see its example in the news section. Here you will find the title of almost all the post attractive, while the information can also be wrong. If you notice your title, then you will not leave without reading it. Such post just gets attracted by millions of readers due to the attractive title.

In today's time almost the readers do not have enough time to read your whole post properly. People decide to read your title and read it. Readers just by judging the headline of your article, they judge your whole post. According to the Copyblogger report, 8 out of 10 people only read your headline, the rest 2 reads your entire article.

So if you want more and more readers for your post, learn how to write an attractive headline. Just as you try to write good content, try to write a good headline as well.

How to Write a Good Headline?
  • The headline should be so that the whole post can be guessed.
  • Use numbers in the headline.
  • Also use emotional words in the headline.
  • It also uses keywords.
  • Use more than 40 characters and fewer than 68 characters in the headline.
2:- Writing only for search engines

Always suggest to my readers that post for your readers. If people like your post, then surely they will also like the search engine. Whenever you write post, first of all think about adding your post to your posters will be easier to understand.

I know seo is also very important in the post but you have to first focus on the readers and after that you can seo. This way you can optimize your post for both search engine and readers.

How to optimize both for readers and search engines?
  • First, think about writing good content, then think about seo.
  • Your content should be something that everyone wants to share after reading.
  • Use the keyword in the first and last paragraph of the post.
  • Add social share buttons below the post.
  • Optimize by keeping all on-page seo in mind.
More than 2 million blog posts are written daily and if you want to be the highlight of them then here's the only way you have "marketing". You can get your blog post through marketing to as many people as possible.

Often, many bloggers write good posts but they do not find marketing. When you write post hard, it is also necessary to promote it by giving a little time. Whenever your post is able to get as much reader as possible. If you do not have the time then you can also automate your social accounts. You will find many online tools for this.

How to Market Blog Post?
  • Social Media:- This is the top and most free way, so you can reach your post to millions of people. You can share your blog post in all social sites.
  • Content Submission Sites:- Share your post in content submission sites. Like BizSugar, Growth Hackers, Inbound.org, Hackernews, StumbleUpon, etc.
  • Emailer:- Start the newsletter service in your blog. When your readers subscribe to the newsletter then a new post will be received on their mail notification. For this you can use Google Feedburner which are absolutely free.
  • Advertise:- If you have a good budget then you can also advertise through facebook or google AdWords.
4:- Not using images & infographics

One picture says thousands of words, and if even if infographic is even more then Just as there are songs inside the movie, people do not feel boring. Similarly, if you use good images in the post then readers will not feel boring.

If there are no visuals inside your article, then reader will feel boring in reading, so that they do not like to read your post. Therefore, whenever you write an article, do not forget to use relevant images and add alt tags to it.

If you use infographic in post then high chances are that your post will get as much shares as possible. People would like to share it with social media like pinterest, instagram. And this will help thousands of traffic drive in your blog.

5:- Not Monitoring and Measuring Results
You have written a lot of articles on your blog and have promoted them well. What to do now? There is still a lot of important work left, which too many bloggers of us ignore which is monitoring and measuring results.

So far you have written a lot of wear articles on your blog and have written different types of articles. Which of these types of articles is performing well in your blog and who is not performing well. All you have to do is analyze. This will give you the idea of writing good post in your blog.
  • What kind of articles are doing well in your blog?
  • Where does the biggest traffic to your blog come from?
  • How long does people stay in your blog?
  • How do people navigate in your blog?
  • Which countries do people come to your blog?
  • At what time do your visitors stay active in your blog?
Being the owner of a blog about all these things you should know. This will give you the idea to move your blog right. You can use any online analytics tool to find out all these things. You can also use Google Analytics, which is absolutely free and will give you a good result. Almost the bloggers use this tool.

6:- Blogging only about yourself/your brand
Some people start promoting their own business as soon as they create a blog. It is not right to promote only your own product in the blog. In this way people will understand that you are just blogging for your benefit and will not like to visit your blog.

People do not come to your blog to read about your brand success story or the benefits of your product. You can create your own separate business website for this. As a blogger, your duty is to help the readers, guide them, and inspire them.

You will become a successful blogger and people will love you. If you sell any product at that time then people would like to enjoy it. You might have seen large bloggers earning money by selling their ebook or selling another product.

If you are a new blogger and you do not have much traffic right now, then you would suggest that you just now consider writing helpful articles. Like how to guide, lists, case studies

7:- Not formatting your blog properly
Any visitor in Poorly formated blog can not spend much of its time. The formate / design of a blog is extremely important. If the formate of your blog is not correct then there will be many problems in understanding the readers. Because of which people will not like to go to your blog.

If you will write short post but its formatting will be right then people will like it. Because the correct formating makes the readers understand easily. If you have written a very large article, but if formating is correct, then readers will start feeling boring in reading.

Use short paragraph in post, use a simple font, use bulletpoints for point or list, use heading, bold to highlight a word.

Keep in mind when posting on-page factors
  • Use H1, H2, or H3 tags for Headlines.
  • Add link to related post in the post.
  • Add alt tags to all images.
  • Use Keyword.
  • Considering keyword density also, use keywords.
After Google's MobileDone Update, if your blog is not mobile friendly then increasing traffic will be very hard for you. Not only today but Google has been focusing on mobile optimization long ago.

Google has made every possible effort to make mobile optimization much easier and has launched many tools and projects. You would know that in 2016, AMP was launched in google for mobile optimization and speed only.

If you want to do a traffic drive on google blog, optimize for mobile. You will still find more themes mobile friendly. So you can easily make your site mobile friendly.

9:- Ignoring Comments
It is very important to have a commenting system in the blog. Almost bloggers allow comments in their blogs. If you also allow comments on your blog, do not ignore them.

I often see many bloggers in that they allow comments in their blogs, but when their readers ask a question, they do not respond. Anyone comments in your blog so that you can understand their problem and solve it. But if you do not respond to them then it will be very bad. If you give a response to a comment, how happy they are, we can not explain.

I would suggest you comment on your blog and definitely do the reply. Even one must say "thanks". If someone makes a negative comment in your blog, do not delete it, but try to respond positively.

Similarly, if you keep giving feedback to people then more people will comment. More comments mean more popularity. This will help you in the heart of your readers.

10:- Expecting early results
You must have heard a saying that "The effect of patience is always sweet" many new bloggers create blogs and after writing some posts they start thinking about getting profit. When they do not earn even after working 2-3 months they leave blogging.

If you are a new blogger, then I would like to tell you that the most important thing is that the blogging is the most important. Not just to get success in blogging, but to be successful in life also, patience is essential. In today's time, there will be many bloggers who are working with patience.

There is no quick way to bring new blog traffic in today's time. Because the number of blogs has increased and the number of readers has decreased. So if you want traffic then continue to work continuously with your blog

Final Thoughts,
Due to a small mistake, we lose the traffic of our blog too. Therefore, being a blogger, you should be careful.
All the above mentioned mistakes decreases the traffic of your blog. I hope you will try to improve them after reading about them. After reading this, send it to your friends so that they can also know about it.
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