50 Important Tips & Tricks For A Bloggers That Every Blogger Should Know
Important Tips & Tricks For A Bloggers

Blogging is the best way to earn money online. If someone wants to earn money sitting at home, then blogging is the best way for them. Many people have joined blogging now and many people want to connect with it. If you want to create your own blog or have created your own blog then it is very important to know a few things. We are going to tell you in this post that "50 Essential Tips and Tricks for Beginner Blogger."
Both Blogging and YouTube are a great way to earn money online. Blogging is the future but YouTube has no future. Because regular changes are being made in youtube policy. This suggests that youtube has no confidence. But blogging is such a way that you can make unlimited earnings in many ways.

Do you also want to make your blog? So you know, it's very easy to create a blog at the moment. Because you will find many tools through which you can create your blog. If we talk about what is the most difficult, then it is a success. Yes, success in blogging is very difficult to achieve.
There are millions of sites/blogs in the entire internet world and a lot of people are earning millions by this. Every day, hundreds of blogs are created so that they can earn good earnings. But only a few of them can maintain their blog by making it successful. Actually, new bloggers need to know some things to succeed in blogging.

If you want to be successful in any work, then consider that work as a race and complete it. There are so many competitions in blogging. Taking any blog to the success level at the present time is to win a huge competition.

If you want to plan to create a blog or have already created your blog, then we are going to tell you some special and important tips. I am going to tell you all the tips in my experience. If you follow them then you will get success in blogging very soon.

50 Most Important Tips and Tricks for Beginner Bloggers =>

  1. Success doesn’t happen overnight:- It is important for new bloggers to know that success is not achieved immediately after creating blogs. You can not become a good blogger in one night. You have to work hard now.
  2. Start one blog:- If you are creating your blog for the first time, then create a single blog and work in it. If you create multiple blogs in the beginning, then getting success will be like a mountain for you.
  3. Be your audience:- You do not visit your blog as an admin but visitor as well and think what would have been better if it was. This way you can make your blog useful.
  4. Tell your story:- If someone visits your blog the first time and they like your blog then they would like to know about you. So tell the details about yourself in the About us page of your blog. If possible, sometimes in the post also tell a little about yourself.
  5. Write original content:- When a new blog creates it, it often happens in the rotation of the copy paste. By doing so, he is rejecting his future. If you want to make a good blogger, never add copyright content to your blog.
  6. Understand your readers:- Try to know and understand the readers or visitors who come to your blog. I meant how much of your visitors like to see this post. Also, find out what your visitors find good and bad in your blog and try to fix it.
  7. Don’t Choose Many Topic:- First of all, I would like to tell you that you should choose the subject that interests you and the whole information. In one of the blogs, you will be posting at a maximum of 2-3 topics.
  8. Write as if you are speaking to someone:- Whenever you write a post for your blog, then write down thinking that you are writing an essay in class. That is, you have to write something like someone in front of you and you are talking to them.
  9. Choose top TLD domain name:- Many people like to .rocks, .biz, .co domain. It is very easy to buy and get at a low price. It would be best that you select top TLD domain like .com, .net, .org.
  10. Don’t be afraid to invest in your blog:- If you have to take your blog a lot in a short time, sometimes do not hesitate to spend money. You can spend money to hire Domain, Hosting, Design, and Writer.
  11. Blogging is hard: Many people think that blogging is very easy and it has to do more traveling. That's why a successful blogger has to travel the whole world, but if you are new then you will be able to focus on this, then success will be very difficult.
  12. Blogging Requires the Time: If you do not have the time and you have created a blog then it will not benefit you but the loss will definitely happen. If you have to be a good blogger then daily you will have to pay more than 5 hours in blogging.
  13. Nobody is going to care about “you”:- If you wrote a few posts on your blog and people are not supporting you, then do not pay attention to it. You do not have to see what is happening in my blog, but you have to continue publishing your new post regularly.
  14. Be consistent:- Often, I see that when people do not get support despite having good content in their blog, then they stop working in the blog. You should not do this because if you wrote post hard, you will definitely get the result one day or not.
  15. Keep going:- First of all, let me tell you about myself that I never see my blog's traffic report. Because my goal is not to get traffic but to give people helpful information. If not today or tomorrow I will get the benefit from it. Therefore, I would also like to say that you do not see that just 10 likes on your facebook page, 20 visits in blog, earning 0. Now all this will work for you to get rid of blogging.
  16. Be helpful to your audience rather than just try and make money:- When many people make their first blog than run away behind the money. Even before I used to do this but someone told me about it. Now I know that in some way make the blog successful and then the money will follow you yourself. If you have created your new blog, you will have to target audience now, for which you will have to do one at night. Once the money starts coming, then it will continue to grow slowly.
  17. Blogging is a lot of work:- If you are thinking that once you have created a blog, then just post it and publish it then you have a big mistake. Because the blog has to face regular errors and especially if you are on WordPress, you may have to face a lot of errors. Posting has to be posted in blogging, the post has to be edited, comments have to be made, optimize has to be done and lots of maintenance have to be done.
  18. Grow your email list:- You know that you will need the audience to succeed in blogging. You somehow submit your visitors' email list. This will allow you to send new updates to your blog via email. This is a great way to get visitors to visit the site again. You can use Feedburner or Mailchimp for this.
  19. Long content wins over short content:- I think in my last three years more than 500 posts will be written. This has shown me that long content is always ahead of the short content. So whenever you write a post of your blog, use at least 1000 words in it and sometimes you can also use 3000+ words in a post.
  20. Keyword Researching is necessary:- Researching a keyword for a blogger is very important. There is no better way to bring the blog to a good position in the search engine. If you are a blogger then research keyword and use it in that post.
  21. You can always expand outside of your niche:- Share every single information in detail about the niche or topic your blog is all about. So that your visitors can get to know everything from small to small.
  22. Be passionate about your blog:- It is a very important thing that you should always be passionate about the niche of your blog. You should think that you help others, as well as helping yourself with learning something new.
  23. Don’t expect to become a millionaire overnight:- In public I would have seen such a lot post on my internet that those who claim that can get millions from this secret method in blogging overnight. I'm sorry but all this is just nonsense. Because I know and I have read and followed many such posts but by the legal way, no online can earn money. You are still new, therefore you will be more interested in reading such a post, but one day you understand yourself that hard work brings money.
  24. Friendship with other Bloggers:- This is a great way to grow your blog, from which you can grow your blog. When you identify with another blog, it will help you to gain audience gain. If you have any problem, you can easily solve it.
  25. WordPress is Always best:- Whenever someone makes their first blog, they are attracted to free. If you make a mistake in starting the round of free, then you may have to suffer a lot from it later. Well, WordPress is absolutely free but you will not get hosting free. So you will have money in hosting and domain. After creating the blog it will be very easy to manage it. You can optimize SEO easily by using the Yoast SEO plugin in WordPress.
  26. If possible, spend some money:- If you have a little more budget then you can spend a little money on making some money writer, in SEO optimization, and designing a blog.
  27. Spend time learning how to write good copy:- As a blogger, it is very important to know how deeply the post is, how the post-headline should be, what the image should be in the post, it is very important to know all this. For this you have to learn from other bloggers, that is, you have to read a good blog regularly. After that, you will know all this.
  28. Optimize the basics of SEO:- In your blog, you will find Meta description tag, XML sitemap, etc. It is very important to optimize For this you simply have to install the Yoast SEO plugin. Through this, you can easily optimize the blog's basic SEO.
  29. Learn basic of coding:- If you are to become a good blogger then your blog's design will have to be attractive now. For this, learning HTML, CSS is so compulsory. Also, if possible, learn PHP, Javascript. This allows you to make your blog look different from yourself.
  30. Don’t worry about SEO:- Many new bloggers seem to pay a lot to SEO. It also turns off posting to your blog in its entirety. That is why I would like to say that after forgetting the site's basic SEO forget it. Just focus on writing your blog's content. After that, you will think about SEO in the time remaining.
  31. Register your website on all the leading social media platforms:- Hope you have purchased your domain name. Now you need to promote it. I.e. register your blog on social media sites like facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, youtube, and other sites. You can also add your blog's domain to your personal account. This will also give you a backlink which is a very important factor in SEO.
  32. Make a Pinterest image for each blog post:- It takes a little time, but it also gives a long term advantage. When you submit an image in Pinterest, it will help your blog get a ranking on google. You can use a great image editor tool for this.
  33. Have sharing buttons on each blog post:- It is very important to have facebook, twitter, WhatsApp, Pinterest share button in all posts of your blog. Because this will share your readers with the post which friends would like.
  34. You don’t have to be an amazing writer:- When I look at my previous posts, I feel a bit weird. You can still see my last and present post, I have not even updated yet. In both of you-you will see the difference between the sky and the sky. It is a skill that comes slowly inside a blogger automatically. The best way to improve your writing for a blogger is to write more and read.
  35. Read Books:- There is no better way for a new blogger than to improve his writing skill. If there is any information in any book, it is explained in detail. If you read books regularly, then you will also have the power to tell about the detail in some detail.
  36. Take action:- When you read a blogger's motivational story, you just forget to read it. Nothing is going to happen from this. These are the same people who are one day and the other day becomes the ruler in hundreds of hearts. You should learn from them and take action on what they have said.
  37. But how do I promote it:- Some people complain that I have already shared many times on facebook, twitter, WhatsApp but this has not given me a better result. I want to say to all those people that first of all, you should create great content ie content that everybody wants to know about, then share it on social media. If you continue to do so, then gradually getting better results will start.
  38. Customize your Blog for visitors:- If you are a new blogger then tell me you still need to target a lot of visitors. That's why you have to prepare your blog like this so that once a visitor comes to your blog, you want to come back again. For this, you have to do attractive design and add important widgets (like popular posts, recent posts, social follower, social sharing buttons, related posts).
  39. Join MeetUp groups and go meet people:- Meetup is very special for any blogger. Because in that we get to meet big bloggers and their friends. It also gives us a lot to learn. If you have a meeting around you must definitely attend.
  40. Can I quit my job for the blog?:- When someone makes his blog for the first time, he is so eager that he can not handle his job properly and talk about leaving a job. If there is something similar to you then you will not be allowed to quit now. As blogging, only 20 out of 100 bloggers can be successful. So now you should work only part-time. When you start earning more from it than you are not in the job, you can quit the job.
  41. How much will this all cost per year to start a blog?:- Many newbie people often have questions about how much money we normally spend per year on blogging. So they want to tell them that hosting + domain has to be paid and you can get it from any hosting/domain provider. I think it would take 3000/- to 5000/ - in a year.
  42. Work with a goal:- If you make a goal in any of the things, then you do not have to wander around to reach there. You know that I have to go from here to there, so easily go there too. In the same way, you can set your goal in blogging too, then you can easily become a successful blogger in a short time.
  43. Cares about security:- Often new bloggers are not concerned about the security of their blog at all. The security of the blog is very important to us. Due to low security, you may also lose your blog. So always pay attention to security.
  44. Be readers friendly:- I mean keep your friendships with your readers and try to understand your readers. Whatever comments come to your blog, be sure to respond. This will keep your blog's reader with you.
  45. Get feedback from visitors:- Try to find out from visitors of your blog what they like in your blog and what feels bad. If you give negative feedback, try to improve it.
  46. Avoid haters:- If you are new now you will not know this well, but it is a bitter truth that more and more Hindi bloggers burn each other. If you are doing something good then the other blogger will say you upside down. Even he can also use negative words, but you are just listening to your heart. Your heart is good, that is good. Success will be achieved only if you avoid all these haters. That's why my blog made my blog in English
  47. Guest post on similar blogs:- If you want to promote your blog in less time then the guest post is also a great way for you. You can publish your guest post in a similar blog from you. This will help you generate traffic as well as do follow backlink as well.
  48. Learn from others: It is said that it is good to be careful with learning from others. If something bad happens to someone, it is not necessary that you should be with them, but you should learn a lesson from them. Because it's not okay with you, it can happen anytime with you.
  49. It’s time to spend money on promotion:- If you have published many great posts in your blog but you can not get the benefit, then you need to spend a little money. I mean you have to advertise to promote. It would be best to advertise in Google Adwords and Facebook ads.
  50. You’ll need a deliberate and clever blogging strategy:- Blogging is becoming more difficult over time. In such a situation, if you want to earn more money then you have to direct advertising with a large company. This will give you more benefits. But any company you care about deal with so that they get some good returns too. I meant that when talking about advertising from a company, talk about your blog's traffic.

With time passage, blogging is becoming even more difficult. In such a situation, if you want to see yourself as a successful blogger then you will need to do a lot of hard work. Now you can get success in blogging just by competition. Please read the above-mentioned things carefully and try to follow it.

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