Guest Post In Another Blog?
Guest Post In Another Blog? Important Rules

Guest Post is a great way to promote the blog in less time and to make it fabulous. If you want to be a Guest Blogging then this post can be important to you. In this we are going to tell you about guest blogging. With this you can write a good guest post.

I have been in the blogging field for many years and have done many guest posts in the last 1-2 years. It helped to increase the traffic of my blog in the shortest possible time and also helped increase the blog's SEO ranking. Many people like me promote their blog by posting a guest.

Not only this, as many big bloggers are, they ask people to guest blogging. If you write 20 post in one month then 17 for your blog and at least 3 posts for other blogs so that it increases the traffic as well as SEO ranking.

In this post, we are going to tell you about the guest blogging Rules. If you want to do or are doing a blogging blog then it is very important that you follow these rules. Before we tell about it, let's talk about some basic information about it.
What is Guest Blogging?
Guest Blogging or Guest posting is a process, where a blogger writes post in another blog related to it. Well many people from all of you already know about it, but try to explain those who do not know in a simple way once again when you publish your post in another blog Posting or guest blogging is called.

Why should you Guest Post in another blog?

This is a very good question, everyone will want to know the answers. Because we write post so hard and give it to others free, then what will it benefit us? That's why we are telling you below.
  • Networking:- It helps you create relationships / contacts with other bloggers.
  • Backlinks:- This will give your blog dofollow backlink which will improve the search engine ranking.
  • Promotion:- This is a great way to promote any blog in the shortest possible time.
  • Selective Audience:- The niche you have on your blog, you want the audience of the same niche. Guest post is also a great way for you to get relevant traffic from your niche in your blog.
  • Trust:- If you write posts in a big blog, then this will increase your confidence in the logo.
Guest Rules for writing 7 Rules, which you have to follow.
When we write guest post, we have to follow some of its rules. Sometimes our guest post is rejected, its main reason is that we do not follow the rules. Let's know about these rules.

1. Don’t Guest Post for Traffic, Guest Post for Links:-
According to my experience, if you are posting guest for traffic, this will not give you 100% better result. Only a few people will visit your blog as many people will read your posts. That is, if 100 people read your post then maximum of them 10-15 will visit your site.

So I believe that you can not get too much traffic by doing a guest post. If you post guest for backlink, then it can give you good results. Because this will increase your blog's search ranking. When the search engine indexes your blog to a better position then traffic will come.

2. Don’t Expect Quick Results:-
I have seen many people that when they post a guest in a blog, they live in hopes of better results. If you are also thinking that guest posting will give you very good results very soon, it will probably not be so.

When you post in another site, your site may improve in a short time. This will give you backlink, the search will detect it a long time and accordingly, it will help in improving the search ranking.

3. It Doesn’t End with Your Guest Post:-

Remember that guest posting does not just mean getting traffic. If you are posting in another blog with the intention of increasing traffic to your blog, then you have to write post for another blog as well as post on your blog.

When you post in another site, people will know about your blog. If he visits your blog and does not find any good content there, he will not be able to return to your blog, but if you do regular good posts in the blog then he will become your regular visitor.

4. Don’t Put Affiliate Links In Your Post:-
It just happened that someone welcomes you to your party and you immediately start selling things there. If you add affiliate link to your guest post, the owner of the blog you publish will think that you have posted only to earn money.
However, if you want to put an affiliate link in post, contact the blog owner and talk about it. If they allow you then you can add the link.

5. Submit Useful and Relevant Content:-
First of all we would like to tell you as an example that we make many mischief in our house but when we go to someone else's house as a guest, then we have to be cautious. In the same way, whatever information you give in your blog, but if you are writing post for another blog then it should be useful and relevant to the niche of your site.

If you write posts between about 700 - 100 words on your blog then the guest post should be between at least 1500 - 2000 words. Whenever he will be called a perfect guest post. When you give good information in post and explain it well, anyone who reads your post will definitely visit your blog too.

6. Make Note Of The Blogger’s Writing Style:-

You all must know that the way you write and explain every blogger is different. When you are going to write a post for another blog, it is the most notable thing to look at the owner's writing style. In the same way, in the manner they write and explain, try to explain it in your own post too.

7. Introduce Yourself:-
When you guest guest on a blog, those people who visit it have never been introduced to you before. So tell a little more about yourself and your site before or after starting the topic in post. This will help people to know about you and keep visiting you in your blog. If you allow a site to create a profile then you should set up about us. This will show about you under the post.

8. Never submit to post without editing!
Never submit to post without editing. When you write a blog post, read it carefully and grammar, spelling, missing words, etc. Fix it Because if you make a mistake in posting, then the blog owner (with which your post will be published) may be confused and they will reject your post.

Final Thoughts,
When you are writing guest post, it is important to follow all these terms. If you do not remain in meditation then after submitting the post, there will be any error, then he will contact you again and you will post again. This can create a very big problem. Apart from this, if you post a guest in the site that you post in the guest post, then there is a post submit permission, then setup your account properly. Set up about us and gravatar email in your profile.

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