Get Organic Traffic From Your Blog In Other Countries
Get Organic Traffic From Your Blog In Other Countries

Who does not want his blog to have traffic from countries such as the US, UK, Canada, I know that you would also like to have your blog come to traffic from popular countries of the whole world? Today, through this post, we will tell you how to get traffic from top countries like USA, UK, Canada in your blog? And we'll tell you some ways that we can bring organic traffic to our blog.

We put a post by putting so much effort into our blog so that we do this because someone from our post can get help so that he can easily solve his problem and that also benefits us. When people will not read our post, it will not benefit us and others will not even benefit. That is why when our traffic is good in our blog, people will read more about our blog post too.

Whenever anyone works hard in his blog, he does it so that he can earn money from his blog and whoever reads the post, he can get help too. When the blog posts are 100+ and the traffic is too low it is very sad. Because everybody wants that he can earn a lot of money from his blog, in such a situation, even if there is no traffic, he will not even earn money. That's why more traffic is needed in the blog to earn more money.

Traffic is also very similar. One is Organic traffic which is very good and Adsense earning is very high. The second is Spam traffic which is in Black Hat SEO. This has bad SEO effect on our blog. When we submit our blog to an unknown site in the link building, we have to face spam traffic. So in this post, we are talking about traffic like USA, UK, Canada. So let's go to Nichhee, we are talking about this.

Why Get Traffic from Countries like USA, UK, Canada, Switzerland, Hong Kong
Many people do not understand why traffic from these countries is not brought and what is the Indian traffic better? Its simple answer is that if we want to earn more than Adsense, then it is very important for us to get traffic from these countries in our blog. If you are an Adsense Publisher, you know that Adsense CPC in India is less than $00.5. So that we do not earn more than Adsense. This is because our blog comes to traffic from India. This is the reason why CPC is low in India that there are not many companies here and many companies only advertise online. So, there are very few company ads in Adsense, so Adsense has very little benefit, which reduces its CPC.

There are so many countries where the CPC is very high and people here earn a lot of traffic. It includes countries like USA, UK, Canada, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Australia. Your Adsense CPC will be more than $10 when your blog has traffic from these countries. Which you can earn millions per day. Therefore, it is very important to get traffic from all these countries.
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1.Host your website in US/Canada/UK
When we visit a site from our browser, we have an IP address in this way. Our location is also known from this IP. The search engine like Google filters out our site and finds results according to the visitor's location. We are from India, so when we search about something in Google, most of the Indian sites are indexed. There will be very few sites which will be from other countries.
Now let us also tell you that Google addresses the server location of our site where it is hosted on. And when someone searches on that place, then our site is indexed in the first place. When our blog's server will be hosted in countries like US, UK, Canada, when someone searches for something from these countries, then our blog will also be indexed.

2. Get a .com / .us / .uk / .ca domain name respectively
This is one of the best ways to keep a domain like .uk, .us, .ca, for blogs. The location of any site also goes from the domain and filters Google Domain and indexes the search result. When happens, it means the site of the US country
And for India, for the United Kingdom is used for Canada. When happens, it means that traffic can come from any country on this site.
When we search from Google in India, you may have seen that the search result is mostly in the domain .in. This means Google also filters our domain and looks at the search result. When you want to bring traffic to countries like America, Canada, Hong Kong in your blog, you can take the domain according to the country level.

3. Guest Post in US /UK / Canada Blogs
You will know about the Guest Post. This is the easiest way to increase traffic to the blog quickly. Many people still increase the traffic of their blogs in a very short time by having a Guest Post. Many such blogs are also where you can post the guest and in many sites, money is also paid for it.
If you want to get traffic from countries like US, UK, Canada, HongKong in your blog then post a Guest in Blogs of these countries. I sure, that will give you a very good result. When you do a good and helpful guest post, if anyone gets help, then it is decided that he will visit your blog to know about you.

4. Google Hot trends also help
Google Hot Trends is a very popular tool that Google has created. Here visitors come from all over the world. We know that the keyword rank is checked by Semrush and Semrush is a paid tool. But we can also check out high ranking keyword in Google AdWords. Everyone knows this, but only a small number of people will know that Google Hot Trends also helps in the keyword search. In this, we can check that the rank of a keyword in which country is low and in which country it is more, i.e., it shows how much a keyword rank is in all different countries.

As we have to bring traffic from the US and Canada, we will find the US and Canada High-rank keyword Google Hot Trends and use it in our post, so that we will get traffic from those countries.

5. Use Stumble upon and linked in
You will know that Linkedin is a very popular social network. Many people are active in it all the time. Stumble Upon is submitted to an article. Most of these platforms come in traffic from countries like the US, UK, and Canada. When we promote our blog here, it will give us traffic from these countries. So create your own LinkedIn profile and share your blog posts there and submit your blog posts along with Stumble Upon. This will increase the traffic of your blog in a very short period of time.

6. Submit to US-based web directories and human directories
When it comes to creating a Backlink, you must have heard about Directory submission. This is the best way to make backlinks. Many people submit their blogs to popular directories. If you wish, by submitting your blog to some popular directory, you can also get traffic from other countries.

For this, please submit your blog to the popular directory like Dmoz, Yahoo, Bing and write one of them about your blog with details. Wherever you get traffic from the US, UK or Canada, you will also see your blog, and when your blog looks good to it, it will definitely visit your blog.

7. Comment in the UK, US, Canada Blogs
You might have noticed that there is almost the facility of commenting in blogs. That is why people tell their thoughts or questions through a comment. Many people comment only to get the Dofollow Backlink from the comment. When we comment on the second blog, it also gives us a lot of benefits.

Comment the country from which you want to bring traffic to your blog. One thing to note is that the comment does not use extraordinary and useless words. When something went wrong in the post, tell about it and give it a better suggestion.

8. Stay Active on popular community
Forum is the best way to get traffic from other countries. You will be aware of the forum or community. There are a question and answer, and people from all over the world are active here. Which can get you a good suggestion very quickly?

When you are active in the community, a lot of people ask their questions here. When you solve someone's issue, he would like to know about you and he will reach your blog in a similar fashion.

9. Change geographic location to the USA/UK in Google webmaster tools
This is the best future of Google Search Console. Through which we can choose a specific location for our blog. Our blog's ranking will be good at the location where we select and when someone searches from that location related to our blog, our blog will first be indexed.

You can change your geographic location in Google Console and you can target the country you want. Just like if you want to get more traffic from the USA in your blog, then select the USA in targeting location. To set this up, log in to Google Search Console and click on your blog URL and go to Search Traffic => International Targeting => Country and save it by selecting the country.

10. Investment on Advertising
When you take steps to do any work, if you have money, then you can easily do that work. When you have money, there are so many shortcut ways that you can promote your business. Advertising is a great way to promote your Business. If you want to bring traffic to your blog from the US, UK, Canada, you can also do advertising. It is true that you have to spend a lot of money on it but this is the best way.

Advertising is also of great variety, such as Radio Advertising, Television Advertising, Online Advertising, and Offline Advertising. When you promote your blog, it is the best online advertising and Television Advertising can also be run. Google Adwords is best for online advertising if you want to do online advertising. You can show ads by country here.

You can bring traffic to countries like US, UK, Canada, Hong Kong, by following all these methods. All of them are better and you can easily follow them as well. I have also told you the importance of the traffic of these countries at the top. I hope you will definitely follow them.

I hope you liked this post and you should have read this post and got good information. If you have any questions related to Blogging and Internet then let us know by comment. Please tell your friends about this post and share it.
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