Invalid Click Activity On Blog [Full Guide]
Report On Invalid Click Activity On Blog

Invalid click is a very common problem that happens with every Adsense user. If you have used Adsense ads in your blog for some time then you may have noticed that many times when ads clicks are shown but its earning is not added. If this has happened to you, then this is earning invalid clicks. We're telling you a great way to get safe with invalid clicks in this post. Which means that you can be quite safe with invalid clicks
Adsense has become a very big company and Google has made it. Well, you will know all this. Those who do not know about it, want to tell them that you can make money from Youtube and the website. If you want, you can create a video on Youtube and bring good views in your video by connecting it with Adsense by enabling monetization, which earns its start and is earning from video views. Another way to earn money from this is to create your website or blog and insert the best content in it and when it comes to good visitors, then connect your site by creating an account in Adsense. By which ads appear in your site, then when a visitor clicks on it, you will be earning.

If you are an old Adsense publisher, it also happened to you that Adsense dashboard shows Advertisements but it is not earning. This is called an invalid click. When someone clicks on an ad and closes it, this same click is called invalid. Many developers develop auto ads by clicking on the software, such as click on the AdSense team and assume it is an invalid click. Therefore, do not try to manipulate Adsense and know that Adsense is more active than you. Apart from this, there are many reasons why invalid ads are clicked. We do not get any benefit from the invalid click, and rather the Adsense team can suspend your account. This means that when your Adsense account is too much invalid ads clicks, then the Google team will disable your account.

A lot of people are talking about how invalid click is done and it also takes the wrong advantage of it. I mean to say that many haters visit other blogs and just click on invalid ads in his blog and when there are too many invalid clicks, the Adsense team disables that account. If you are a Professional blogger and you earn a good income from blogging, then many people who do not like you will want to deteriorate your work in some way and that's why they will make invalid clicks in your blog so that Adsense team can block your account. Give. This is what you are saying in all this because it has happened to me and I came to know about it in the right time and reported it to the Adsense team so that my Adsense account is live now.

If you still do not know about how to find Adsense invalid click? So I want to tell you that the simple way to know about this is that if you get very much ads clicks on the day you are earning less then earning is to understand that invalid clicks have happened. As you get about 10 ads clicks every day and one day suddenly gets 30 ads clicks, this means invalid clicks. When you have this, you should immediately report Adsense. Because the Adsense team can also ban your account.

What to do When Invalid Click Activity
When your Adsense account contains an invalid click activity, then it should be reported to Adsense. Otherwise, the Adsense team can be banned, disable, suspend your account. We are going to tell you the following step by step how to report an invalid click on Adsense.

Step 1:- Firstly, you go to the Invalid Clicks Contact form and after that, you have to fill some information, I am going to tell you below.
Invalid Clicks Contact form

  1. Enter your full name here.
  2. Enter your email address, on which the Adsense team will reply to you.
  3. Enter your Adsense publisher id here. (Login in your Adsense and there will be a few numbers after the ca-pub in the URL, your publisher id.)
  4. Enter the link to the site or blog where invalid clicks are being done.
  5. Topic: Reporting unusable activity on my account here Please select.
  6. Enter Date and Time for the invalid click.
  7. Here you have to write in a few words that invalid clicks are taking place in your account from when and why.
  8. Here you have to add the IP address, which causes bad traffic and invalid click on your blog.
  9. Now, finally, click the SUBMIT button.
After the report is submitted, you will successfully show a message. Your invalid click activity report has now been submitted. Now you will get the reply within 7 days. Time is not a fix when you get the answer, it takes some time 24 hours and sometimes 7 days. Sometimes it is also possible that if the Adsense team finds any issues in your account, you can not reply to the mail.
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