What Is On-Page SEO
What Is On-Page SEO

What is On-Page SEO today? Know about it. To get a high rank in the search result, optimizing content is very important. as you may know. That's how hard competition is in the search engine and rank! Because, only 10 web pages can be listed on the first page in Google, and the only way to rank them is: On-Page SEO and without it, it is very difficult to bring our posts to the top.
Do you know? Thousands of new blogs are created daily. And they are closed! The main reason behind this is. That people make blogs due to greed and passion for money. But, SEO is not able to understand properly. The result, which is the result of this It does not get traffic, and no money is available. Friends! Suppose it is difficult to understand or learn the search engine optimization. But, not dominating. Because this is not rocket science. There is just one algorithm. You should just get a guide right about this. That's why, in today's post, we are going to learn On-Page Optimization Techniques.

On Page SEO Tutorial
There are two types of SEO:-
  • On-page
  • Of-Page
So, we will know today What is On-Page SEO? And how to do it. In this post, you will guide and correct. Then read it carefully.

What is SEO on the page?
Optimize your website's webpage (blog post) according to the search engine; This is called on-page SEO. Or try to say directly, that the technique of writing a user-friendly and SEO friendly post is called page optimization only. And how it is done, it has been described below. Read it carefully.

On-page SEO Techniques

Do you know? The basic part of search engine optimization starts with "keyword resourcing". Because, before writing an article, it is important to know about it. I'm going to write that article in How is his search value? This is what it means. Did he even do any search or not? Does it with keywords

So basically, what we write in the article. So people put their related queries on Google. It is called a focus keyword only. So it is very important to know this. Because sometimes it happens. New bloggers focus on writing articles only. And unfortunately, their posts rank on such queries. People who do not even search. And the result is this. That's not the traffic on the blog.
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If scientifically understands its benefits then Then, on which keyword our content is ranked, which is to get organic traffic. For this, by finding a good keyword, it is important to optimize the content on it. I am highlighting some points here. In which you have to add your keyword.
  • Title Tag
  • Headings
  • Image Alt tag
  • First Paragraph
  • Last Paragraph
  • Meta description
  • Tags
2. Title Tag
The second thing you have to take care of. That is the title tag. Because it is the most puzzle step in writing this article. But you would be surprised to know. That's a proportional way to write it.

Most successful bloggers believe this. The title should be in 55-65 Character. Meaning ABC it's three characters. So, the topic of your blog post, you have to give up the good title of the reply to 55 alphabets. And the most important thing to remember is that. That is, the focus should be used at the beginning of the keyword title. You can see Quick Tips once again.

=> What Is On-Page SEO 10 Techniques To Optimize Content
  • The title must be in 55-65 character.
  • Focus keyword should appear at the beginning.
  • Don’t use the keyword more than one in the title tag.
3. Permalink
Like the title, the blog post URL is also very important in On-Page SEO. And like the other factors, it has also given great importance. What should be the permalink of a blog post? Understand the following points and examples properly.

https://www.blogfens.com/2019/02/what-is-on-page-seo.html Extra Word Removed
                                                                               => Short Url <=

The less the URL will be the lesser for the SEO. And Google also likes the shortcode URL. We give the title to the post. CMS Automatic makes it the same link. In such a situation, by removing the custom links feature, remove the unwanted ones. Like if there is a number or symbols in it. Then remove it.
Like the title, in the Permalink, the focus keyword can be used at the beginning.

4. The beginning of an article
Now I will tell you How to start an article? We get dividends in ranking so friends! Always keep one thing in mind that whatever is the word of your target; The first paragraph should always be in the first 100 words. And if possible, try to use that word only once in the first paragraph.

5. Headings
Now comes, heading. Headings tries to make any article user-friendly. And try to tell the topic of our post in point. Which makes the user easy to read and understand the article. The same thing likes google boasts too. That's why always insert 2-3 headings in your content.

But, one thing you always have to take care of. About which new bloggers do not know and they make a mistake. Well, this is it. Key, newbies start their post with the main heading (H1). Which is the wrong way? Now you think why?

Friends! Actually, we use the platform for blogging. Whether it is a blogger or a WordPress or any other CMS (Content Management System Tool) it has been built like this. That, you will give the title tag to any post. By default, it will become your H1 tag. That is why there is no need to take H1 again.
Google has even told this thing in the evening. That, there can not be two main headings in one article. That's why to start with H2 directly. I have told you that. If you have to confirm it. You can check your blogpost's source code. Which you gave the title. That will show H1.
Now the second thing, there should be at last 2 headings in the whole article. In which the focus keyword should have it.

Start using heading from H2
Must use the keyword at least 2 headings

6. Image with an alt tag
If you read related posts from blogging So you will have to cry any time. That is, an image equals one thousand words. And this is 100% words. That's why always use the related topic 2-3 image to create your content for quality content. Another advantage of this is Let's say if visitors come from other countries on your website. And they do not understand your language. Even in the post, with the support of the image, they will be able to follow the instructions easily.

Now one thing that new bloggers do not use or they do not know about it. That is it. With that, you have made the content unique by applying the image. But still, there was no result on its ranking. Why so?
The reason for this is that. That, by putting a photo, you help the user! But still the spiders will not understand your images and in consequence, we will not get any benefit from it. So what do we have to do? So maybe you will be surprised. But with content as well, we have to SEO the image. How do they

If we have to give just an attribute in image optimization. It is called "alt tag" or alternate text. When we give alt tags to images. Only then will Google Spider understand our image. As a result, they will benefit. Otherwise, if you ignore it. And you used the image. Then, while crawling, the search engine will move the place as a blink. As a result, you will not get any benefit in ranking. That is why, click on the link given above, learn to do image optimization.

7. Internal Linking
Adding links to other posts in the same article related to the content of your content is called internal linking. And this makes our content unique. The top position in the search engine.
So always, to improve your On-Page SEO, use internal linking. If you have to see an example of this. Then open any one of the Wikipedia posts. Well, I have explained the details about this in a link to the post given above. But still, you try to tell its advantages soon.
  • Content becomes user & SEO friendly
  • Fast crawling and indexing happen.
  • Old post's rank improves.
  • Blog traffic increases.
  • The website's bounce rate decreases.
8. Label (tag)
This feature has been made in the form of a label in Blogger and in the form of tags in WordPress. What is the topic of our article? Its related to the related keywords or so, then Focus Keyword has to add it here. Keep in mind Use a comma after a tag. For example: - In this post, I'll put some sort of tag here. What's On-Page SEO and Next Como On-Page Seo?

If you still do not understand So what kind of tags we add in youtube The same way to use this feature here. The search engine could understand the topic and category of our content.

9. Meta description
On-Page is the last part of optimization and most importantly is Meta Description. In this, I always explain to my readers by giving them an example. So that they understand it well. So what's in the movie in 3 hours. It is understandable by just looking at the 3-minute trailer. In exactly the same way what is in your entire article it shows only minority meta descriptions.

So what's in your post? Which topic is covered. Write a unique description about this in about 160 characters. And add it to the description box. From this, you have both the search robots and the user in the content. It will be easy to understand and rankings will also get high.

10. Always write unique content
I will tell you this in the last. To increase the number of blog posts on your blog, do not even publish the article. Publish the same blog post in one day. But that should be unique. Always try to write in keeping with the people in their writing, keeping in mind.

Because, tell you a fact in Google has the same purpose, that he wants to show his customers best to best results. So he will always bring such a web page up. In which great information has been provided. I mean to say that the webpage which has been written, keeping in mind the user experience. So always try to write unique content.

So let me tell you today, what is on-page SEO I hope You've liked today's post. If you still have any questions then. Then you can ask by commenting below. And to learn related to blogging and SEO like this, follow us. If there is one more thing, please share this post on social media.

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