How To Write Articles Faster

How To Write Articles Faster
How to write a high-quality article? This question comes in mind. When we understand the importance to write SEO friendly post. Also, read about SEO on the other blog. Then the rest of the blogger was saying this. Focus on your Content writing. write an article of high quality. Then even in my mind, this question started. How to write a high-quality article?

And you guys will know. We will not write the article of high quality. So we will not find the top position in the search ranking. The only formula to increase the traffic of your blog is. She is SEO We have to optimize our post. Then we will get a good ranking in the search engine.

Writing a high-quality article is not a big deal. We just have to follow On-Page. And to make your content more helpful. the post is not for your benefit. The visitor got some correct information. Focus on this. So, guys! how to write a high-quality article

How To Write An Article
Find a focus keyword:- whenever you want to write a post on a topic. First of all, focus keyword search on your post. focus keyword is a query. Which is searched. For example, you need information about good article writing. What would you google search?
  • How to write a high-quality article?
  • SEO friendly post How to write?
And in this post, I will post on this topic. So this will be my focus keyword.
Say it simple word. So, what are the related people of our topic searching on the internet? This is called a focus keyword only. Now simply what do you have to do? Know your focus keyword before writing a post? Will you be thinking? How to know the keyword?

Friends are absolutely postured. You have two options. First, you use google keyword planner. Or use google suggestion. And note your targeted keyword. And use them here...

How To Start Writing Articles

  • Title Tag
  • URL
  • First paragraph
  • Content
  • Heading
  • Meta Description
keyword density:- You know it. What is a focus keyword? And find out by saying? There are some rules in using friends keywords too. Not that you took a focus keyword and used it in every sentence. If you do this then google will penalize you. And will not rank your website. So if you want to use the right keyword. So do not use the keyword in more than 2.5% of the entire post. for example, your post has a total of 1000 words. So focus keyword only 25 times.

SEO friendly post How to write?
Heading: - There is a 3 heading option in the blogger. To write a high-quality article, use the three heading with the focus keyword. And yes, do not keep heading altogether. Make some different changes in every heading.

Use Image:- There is no winning guide in the 1000 word article. So much information happens in 1 image. And which is helpful for the article visitor. Google brings the same blog to Google's first page. That is why always image an article in the whole post.

Alt tag:- There are many bloggers. Which once used the image. And see the scoring of high ranking till post index. But when the post is indexed in the search engine. So the rank of the post is very low. And then start thinking. I did so much hard work, then there was no improvement in the rank. How it will happen? bro, want to take full benefit to apply the image. So you have to SEO the blogger image.

See friends! We all know that the post posted on our behalf is indexed by Google's spider. And you may also know that robots only read the coating. That's why we have to optimize by putting an alt tag.

Internal Linking:- In order to make the post-high-quality article, internal link plays an important role. With internal linking, our content becomes quite helpful. And because of the link ad of the second post, the visitor also goes to that post. Because of this, the traffic to our blog increases. Always remember one thing to link within the same category. for example, you are writing about SEO. So to link the article in another category of SEO category.

Write Long Article:- According to the SEO rule post, there should be at least 300 words. Always remember one thing. Write the same article in the day. Write the same as 2 posts. I will say in Regardless of the condition of 300 words. But always write your content over 1000 words. Friends can see you. The first page on Google is always posting 1000 words.

How to write an article of high quality?
bold main keyword: - The focus keyword in your article. Make them bold. You can see. How to write my focus keyword high-quality article. So in my post where it is mentioned and related word is written. He has made me bold. By doing this, google bots will identify your article in a few seconds.

Don't Copy:- If you really want to write a High-quality article and SEO friendly post. So do not copy any one line too. This is very much a blogger. To increase the number of posts on my blog. Copy the second blog post. And publish it in your article. And if friends do that too. So you will never become a successful blogger. Friends google spider is so sensitive. That, they will catch your stealing maize in a few seconds. And you'll penalize.

Not only that but downloading an image from direct google is also harmful. Image of Google is copyright. From Google, we can also download copyright free image. But you should know about that trick.

Last word:-
So let me tell you today, How To Write High-Quality Articles I hope you enjoyed this post. Friends want to request you. If you really have found this article helpful. So share with your friends on social media.

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