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How to Increase Backlink by Commenting on Another Blog? Today we will talk about the importance of comment for the blog and what is the significance of the comment for the blog, you will have seen that many bloggers spend most of the time on the comments. What is the reason for this if you want to know if finally If you get to benefit from commenting, then this post is for you. In this post, I am going to tell you that by commenting on the second blog and giving a quick response to the comment, we will also know that the second blog Comment on bac How to increase link.

Actually, there are many advantages to commenting: Comment like you are just talking like we are really talking to a friend. If we comment on another blog, then we will reply and we will be friends with such a blogger, which will give us a little bit of benefit, along with a little bit of identity will also become.

What will be Benefit to us by commenting on another Blog Backlink
I have seen a lot of bloggers who do not pay any attention to the comment and keep focusing only on posting. We are doing very big mistakes which you may be able to read this article. I have said something down here.

1. Backlinks:-
Most of us complain that our blog post is not a quick show in the search engine, its simple reason is that the backlink is reduced to our website. The more websites your website will have backlinks, the search engine will show the fastest results and the best way to create a backlink for your website is to comment on another blog. When we comment on another blog, our comment helps to create a backlink for our website.

2. Traffic:-
Commenting on another blog is most likely to increase the traffic of blogs on blogs that we comment on, visitors to that blog can come from our blog on our blog so commenting blog helps increase traffic so on commenting Should also pay attention.

"Hello Sir, I had a question to ask you, when I comment on another blog, my comment could not be approved, please tell me the details of the matter."

Actually these questions were asked by a friend on WhatsApp, so I thought a post should be posted on this topic, so people and people can get help. If you have also commented on a blog and your comment has not been approved, then I am telling you some tips here, who would like to have your blog comment on any of your comments.

  • Comment your correct and full name with real email id and your blog URL. Many people comment on the URL of the short name and the wrong website. The blogger ignores the comment of fake and short name.
  • Anyone who wrote a good line about the post at the top of the comment, would like to approve the comment by listening to the problem of your article.
  • After that, the questions you have to ask should be in the written question or comment detail.
  • If you are commenting on English blog, try commenting in English only.
  • Many people comment on self promtion, which everybody ignores, you do not do it at all, such comment does not get backlink and will not get any benefit.
Backlinks and Search Engine Friendly (optimization)
If you have read this post properly then you must have understood that "backlink is also available and the result of our website is good as well as commenting" so let's know about it.

I am telling you how to increase traffic with addition of backlinks and search result.
  • First of all, comment means you must be the first and the first comment on any other blog's new post. It gives you the freedom to read that post. It will first read your post.
  • Comment as mentioned above Enter your correct name, real email id and your blog URL, if you do not comment in this way then you will not get any benefit.
  • In the comments, only Hi, Hello, Thanks for sharing article, the blogger will not even approve your comment on writing this.
  • Your comment should be of minimum 3 or 4 lines.
  • Write a comment in the comment that anyone can understand that you are also the owner or blogger founder of a website.
  • Before commenting please check the approve comment so that you can understand what kind of comment is approved on this website.
  • If you are commenting without self promotion then your comment has a lot of potential to make backlinks.
  • Commenting on your blog related blog gives more benefits.
  • The best way to increase your blog's search engine ranking is to comment on your blog related blogs.
  • If you continue to comment on the blog, then you will become a connection to it, this will give you traffic, backlink, search result all three.

How to make a good relation with Blogger from the comments?
If you are someone else or your friend like blogging, then do not burn from him, but make a good partnership with him personally by contacting him. It will help you to learn something from him and it will help you to learn something from you. It takes time to make good relations with someone but it is very easy for good people.

Whoever wants to do good to others and wants what is good for them, God also wants good for them, so do not keep wrong thinking for anybody, nor do anybody wrong. Instead try to make a good relation with him.

And the best way to make good relation with any blogger is to continue commenting on my blog, I am telling you this because it increases your blog's search engine value to a great extent.

Note: If you are worried by increasing the traffic of your blog then I would like to suggest you follow the method of commenting but give it some time to help others with yourself, you will get benefit 100%.

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