How To Increase Traffic

How To Increase Traffic

How To Increase Traffic:- To The Blog  9 Killer Tips

The Internet is a huge marketplace. Where you can grow your business and revenue. But it is only when you have the audience. That's exactly what you want to be a blogger or a career in blogging. So it's very important for visitors to visit your blog. So how to increase the traffic of blog in today's article? I will do this related guide.

I do not know Who first brought this sentence to the world. But it has affected me so much in my career. That sentence is something like that. "The visitor's blog is absolutely like the body of the soul." Every second, about 10000 new blogs and websites are created in the world. But this is also a fact. Only 1-2% of that number is available on blogger and website owner. And even 1 of the bloggers makes their own brand. There is only one reason behind this. They are unable to bring enough traffic.
Increase Traffic website
The day when a person learns about blogging. That is when he starts dreaming of earning online. But unless you have visitors. Until then no one will show up your work. No, you will earn something. Therefore, after creating the blog, the first work website has to increase traffic.

Friends, you will find more than 1000 ways. By which you can bring the audience. But I have just given 9 such points in this post. By which you will actually find the traffic bar of your blog. Start applying them today. In a few days, you will get results.

I am sure if the guide in the post is told. If you follow it correctly. So you will come back in a few days. And I'll comment. My traffic has increased.

1. From A Search Engine (Organic Traffic)
If you want to get long-term traffic. So the first and most important of your visitor should be "organic". Visor comes from any search engine like google, yahoo, bing, and Yandex on any site. So he called organic traffic.

Let me know your information. If you have to earn more money than Adsense So focus more on this. Because Adsense provides more CPC than traffic coming from the search engine.

Learn SEO
If you want organic traffic So this is very important. Should rank in the top position on your post search engine. If you already know about SEO So much so that you know. "SEO" is the only technique to rank in Google and other search engines.

So straightforward, that's the first strategy for you, what is SEO? Learn about it properly. If you have not got good guidance about it yet. Please follow our link. He has learned about search engine optimization from the right and simple method.

Do practice, understand and apply SEO
The second thing happens. After reading and understanding SEO, apply the technique properly. There is also a lot of practice to do. Because we read about Search Engine Optimization. So he seems very good and easy for us. But when it comes to doing things ourselves, then we fail to implement properly.

Blog Traffic
If you think so Once you have optimized the blog, you will get a night-night rank. So your thinking is absolutely wrong. According to my personal experience, before leaving this article, clear one thing today. Looking at today's competition. It may take at least 3-4 months for SEO to look at the search engine.

[Note: - This duration has told me focusing on fresh and fresh blogs. If there is an older blog. That's been a lot of time. That blog's domain authority is good, SEO has been implemented properly. As well as a lot of backlinks and readers already have. Then the new post of such a blog can also rank in 1-2 days.]

here are quick tips for you.

Read, understand, apply and do the practice of SEO
  • Always write to your readers.
  • Always try to Write a quality article.
  • Always try to separate from the other.
  • So that Google and people like it.
Never try to over optimize a content - Do not over-optimize the content anytime. Google does not like it at all. If the line between the lines is the keyword place. So it gets over optimization. In return, search bots can remove your content from spam by rating it as spam.

2. Use Social media
In today's youth, there is so much rush of social media. This would be better than you know People connect with lost friends through a platform like Facebook. Some people are sitting and sitting all day long. So Facebook and Twitter for them is a very good option to spend your time. But, for our bloggers and marketers like, social media is a good resource for promotion.

Friends always treat your blog and posts as a product. Now you know so much. Promotion is very important for any product. Through this, we can drive a lot of traffic to our website. You probably will not know from above Google considers social signals as an indirectly ranking factor.

So if you want orange traffic too. Even social sharing is important. Only then will you rank in post search engine. You can not ignore it at all.
Now you are steps…

Make brand pages –
First of all, there are social media accounts. Make your brand page (page on your domain name) in all of them. It is very easy. Above all, any business must have a brand page. Of course, this is your decision. Whether you want to make this page or not. But, by creating a page on social media it appears to be how professional you are.

Whether you can still create your facebook page. However, in all social media like facebook, twitter, Pinterest, I will recommend making an account on Instagram.

Share and grab benefits
Creating accounts only on social platforms will not get any benefits. That's why whenever a new post will be posted on the blog. So its link always shared. Some people are very lazy. To ignore this little work on. That is a lot of talking about many benefits. Linking is a quick index in the post-search result. Sharing increases, as well as increase the number of our followers.

3. YouTube channel
Suppose youtube is not social media. But youtube has the same number of users as facebook and twitter. Perhaps you would be surprised to know this. But after Google, youtube is the world's number two search engine. That is why you will give this advice Let's talk about the subject in which you write content. Create your own youtube channel on its base and publish video on it.

The market is changed
If you have to stay active on the Internet. You will have to know. That's what trend is currently in the mind of the people. Not even if I tell you. The market has changed. I mean to say. That was a time ago. When people used to save a lot of their data (internet pack). Whenever a post used to read Then they used to close their mobile data and read that post.

But if you talk about today's time. So internet charges are so cheap. Everybody is taking advantage of it by the opening. This change started with the arrival of Jio in India. Which is why most people like to watch videos on youtube in post reading. Dr. According to a report by Vivek Bindra, there will be so much traffic on youtube by 2020. People will shift from TV to YouTube on YouTube. So understand this and start uploading a video on youtube.

Create a Youtube channel & make videos on your textual content
Friends are the only mantra to sustain long in the world. As the world changes. Then change yourself too. First, you create your YouTube channel and upload videos to it. But keep this in mind. The topic on which you are running a blog. This is the topic on which the post is posting. Videos will be uploaded on the same topic. What will it benefit from? It has been described below.

Collect traffic, backlinks & follower
Maybe you might be thinking. What can you do to upload videos to YouTube? And how this can increase the traffic of blogs. So know this. What can it be ...

You can ask people in the Youtube video. The guide told in the video of the video if you want to read. You can check in the link description of the article. So that people will click on that link and there will be traffic on our blog.

The second gets another benefit. That is, we get enough backlinks too. A link to the description of the first video gives you a no-follow link from there. But, there are some such bloggers too. Which enable our YouTube videos in their blog. Simultaneously, as well as the description of the video, as it is past. So we get a lot of backlinks.

The third and the best benefit from my perspective will be found. That, we can increase our followers. But, for that, we have to be aware of the logo to follow in the video. Also, link to your facebook and twitter page will also be advertised in the description.

4. Email Marketing
Email marketing This is part of digital marketing. Nowadays, big and expert bloggers use it. Also, recommend to others to use it as well.

What is email marketing
Email marketing is to create a list of your customers or readers' email ids. And using that email id to send new post or product information to them by mail.

Create an account on the email marketing tool
First, you have to make an account on one of the tools of email marketing. Below, some of the popular tool links are advertised here.
  • MailChimp 
  • GetResponse 
  • ConvertKit
  • AWeber 
  • Constant contact  
[Note - These tools are not free. But they provide free service to trial periods or to some subscribers.]

Collect email subscriber and share them
The last and most important work will be done right now. That is, you will collect email subscribers. In the end, they will share every new post.

You can use a popup to collect subscribers. In the popup, you can type in To get the latest post, please subscribe by entering your email id. Or the blog has already received a comment. Add the IDs of those comments to the list.

Next step, once the list is created, all those subscribers need to send the new post information by email. And this is very easy. With the help of that software, we can send mail to all the people with just a single click.

That too with their name! It seems to the front. This mail has been written for them. But in reality, all this happens with the help of software.

5. Push Notification
Use of web push notifications has increased significantly since the last few years. Using this, we can comfortably increase traffic up to 20-25%. You have seen this many times. That, if you visit a blog Then there comes a popup on it. Which is written in " wants to show notification" opens such a message. Also, deny and allow two such options are there. This is the push notification. If a visitor clicks on permission. With the help of browser and up, its details are stored in the Push notification service.

Then if we do a new post publishes. So with the help of this service to your subscribers; Send a notification to their mobile or computer. When they will on your mobile data They will get our sent push notification. If they click on that notification Then they will reach our post. Which increases the traffic of our blog.

6.Guest Post
In the post of backlinks, I have told quite a lot about the guest post. Write a post for someone else's blog and publish in that blog. This is called a guest post.

The backlink is received from the guest post. But, if we write a post for a high traffic blog. So we get very good traffic.

7. Blog Commenting 
This is the same as the guest post. You do not do anything Such post which is already rank in Google And getting good traffic. You must comment on all those posts. But in the URL section, add a blog domain or link to a post.

Adding link gives traffic along with backlink.

8. Join Forum
The forum is used by almost all people today. Whether he is a student, a blogger or a businessman. He sometimes has such a question. Whose answer he wants to know from the forum.

So if you do a blog run So first join popular forums such as Quora or yahoo answers. But when making the account, the topic will choose the same. Which you write in your blog Then whenever a person asks a question. So, along with a short answer, it will also link to your article. Which will give you great traffic?

9. Convert Visitors in Audience
This last and important technique is to increase the traffic of friends blog. Let's say you have a lot of traffic today. But after a few days, your blog is influenced by Google's algorithm update. And suddenly your site has a ranking drop. So what will you do in such a situation? That is why it is very important. We all know how to convert today's visitor to our audience.

There is a very simple method for this. The number of visitors who come to the blog. So do anything to them, influencing to follow on facebook, twitter. Or ask them to subscribe via push notification or email marketing.

You use your brain. But using any technique, change your visitor to the audience. It may take a few months. However, today one visitor joins us. So a good audience is prepared for the future. Which will benefit from this? After some time we will get a lot of followers. If we write a new post in the future By sharing that post on facebook and twitter, we will be able to generate good traffic.

Conclusion - Friends, I told 9 working ways to increase the traffic of blogs in this post today. But in A first way, I would recommend focussing most on organic traffic only. Because friends think of you in other ways when you will work. Only then will you get the traffic. That means when you will link to social media, send a push notification or mail, or guest post. Then you will get visitors. But organic is a free source. Which will give you lots of traffic every day, every time? By the way, I hope you liked this article "How to extend the traffic of the blog?"

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