20 Common Mistakes

Hello Friends Today, we will talk about the reasons behind the blocking of Google Adsense, after creating an Adsense account, we tend to focus on its rules, but Adsense rules are changing which we should keep updating but we do not Google Adsense is a popular advertising program, so many websites make a good income. You can also get the Google Adsense block from which to happen.

I would like to give the same answer that due to the absence of the rules of Adsense, we are faced with such mistakes which Adsense does not allow, such as clicking on their own ads, from friends on your website, add click on add more ads on the website add do.

Top 20 Common Mistakes of Being a Google Adsense Block

Before talking about Adsense, I would like to tell you that this post has been shared on 23-Feb-2019, in future, Adsense program Policy, Terms & Conditions will apply.

1. Clicking on your Ads?
These are the most likely to be the block ads of Google Adsense  clicking on the advertisements of your website or clicking to speak to your friends, this is the reason why Google Adsense does not allow its ads to be clicked and Adsense warns it too It has been given that if you do this then stop it, there will be no income from it.

2. Applying more ads than Limit?
Google Adsense 2-3 pages only allow you to use ads in 2 or 3 ads and 2 sidebar posts in the blog. Apart from this, you can also put 1 search ads if you add more ads than this, our account can ever ban our website. I use 2 banner ads, text ads and 2 sidebar ads on Blog Fens Adsense more than these ads Detect does not allow.

3. Ads Size
This is the most reason for blocking of Google AdSense. We should use advertisements for the given size of Adsense more due to the custom size Adsense block. You can use only 300 × 600 and 300 × 250 size ads. There is a problem in opening ads in a custom size and showing fit ads. Besides, advertisements should be used only when ads are given in Adsense.

4. Match Ads Color from Template (theme)
Many bloggers and websites owner get more click to match the color of your website's theme Adsense it does not like at all, you can not place ads on the website like they do not look like advertisements Feeling part of the post, cheating is done with users and due to flooding ads are blocked on your website.

5. Applying Ads on Other Sites?
You can not place your Adsense ads on the website you do not manage, you can place ads on sites or blogs that you have complete control if you manage more than one site before Adsense Add all those URLs.

6. Copyrighting
Adsense copyright post does not like at all, post text, images, everything you should be, Adsense can block you if you have a lot of copyright, and if you need to copy any information, add that link to the post. It is important to write only with the link not to link that this information has been taken from this website which I have just shared for my users.

7. Publishing Adsense Information?
When I do not share my website's income report, some people ask me why you do not share a screenshot of my Adsense account. The reason for my refusal is that Adsense does not allow it. According to Adsense, we should not share our personal information with anyone. If ideas are important then ideas cannot be told the same to do so, Adsense can block you by assuming a ford and you will not be able to do anything after that.

8. Using Other Label?
If you are a blogger, then this information will prove to be very important, useful and helpful to you. Other label means not only in the post, but also use the label related to the post as you are posting on blogging. Add blog related labels only to add a label whose information is not in your post is against Adsense rules.

9. Popup and Fixed Ads Widget
Many people make a popup widget, fixed widget on their website to earn more money, according to adsense, you can not focus on visitors clicking on ads. Adsense only accepts visitors' favorite clicks.

10. Same Pages and Posts
You can not share the same page or post again and again. You can not post again the information you have shared once on the website. Adsense repeat does not allow Some people to share a post 3-4 times, which visitors do not like and do not like Adsense.

11. Never Launch A New Windows
Ads should be open on the same page, do not tick on time open a new window while adding ads code in the sidebar. Adsense ads should not be opened separately, as if you add a link to the post, clicking on it opens in the other windows. You can not add Adsense ads code to such a place because it is a lot of ads company new windows There is no openness in Adsense to cause problems.

12. Multiple Website
You can apply Adsense ads to more than one website. This does not mean that any Adsense account can be placed on websites, you can place ads in an AdSense account on maximum 5 website, here I will give you personal suggestion. If you are using ads on more than 5 sites then your Adsense account can be blocked at any time.

13. Bad Abusing Post
Posting in a wrong language against any human, religion, giving information against someone, talking against a society, doing evil of someone, doing evil of others, sharing sexy and bad images in all these cases Adsense will block you permanently Adsense cannot use Adsense by writing articles Adsense against its clout

14. No Show Ads on Site's Register Forum
Just put ads on posts and pages. It is not allowed to show Adsense ads on pages like your website's register forum, error 404 pages, login screen, nor does Adsense ads pay by putting ads on them. So if you have to keep your Adsense account safe then ads on pages Planted.

15. Other Adverting Site Ads
The Google AdSense advertiser does not allow advertisements for certain advertising sites, but you can use only those ads which Adsense allows.

16. Confusing visitors?
In this case, what people do in the middle of the post images or image ads by Adsense do not allow this. Adsense does not allow it at all. You can not place ads in a place where you do not have ads, but instead of ads, it is a part of the post. Visitors are confusing, they can unknowingly click on the ads that are an invalid click.

17. No Traffic
I have seen many bloggers think about income before blogging and put ads on the website without any traffic, there are 2 disadvantages, 
1 then their income does not happen. 
2 Adsense blocks them. Adsense will also not be of any benefit to show ads without it.

18. Long Time To Blogging
If you use Adsense, you will need to continue posting and also manage visitors, if you do not do it and do not post on your blog for 2 - 3 months then your Adsense may be disabled So you can continue your website You also have the benefit to manage and your Adsense account will also not block.

19. Publishing Ads Code?
Do not share the code of any Adsense ads in any of your ads. This is a personal code that only you can use. Do not send ads to any of the ads, do not send ads in Adsense, do not administer someone else on Adsense. For safety in which you can add your second email id so that you can manage Adsense from the second id if your current id blocks.

20. Create Multiple Ads
If you do not create additional ads as many advertisements as you need, it is better and if you have created any ads, you can hide it in my case. You can not create more ads than 10 ads. Adsense will remain safe and Adsense will be better ads on the website due to ads being limited.

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Finally, if you want to earn from Adsense then you will have to follow the policy of Adsense Adsense whenever you change your rules, then you send a notification to all Adsense members, you must read them and keep your Adsense account safe.

By the way, I have given you any information that I have given you in this post, maybe you have got to learn something new. If I am correct then share your thoughts in the comment section.

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