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Hello friends, the new year has started, as we all know, every year we do some planning of all new year, take some resolutions. And they do it too. All of you have also taken some resolutions in 2018, and have fulfilled it too. And now the new year 2019 will be planning, some are taking resolutions. As to where and where to go, what is to be done incomplete work, etc.

We all know that whatever needs or plans or any work, we all need the same thing to do all of them. And that is the time. If there is no time then life and not life, then not work.

Today we will talk about the "points of time, the importance of timely priceless assets and timely utilization". We hope that this new post will help you in this new year's plan and resolution and you will love it very much.

Priority of Time

In this human life, everyone has some work for somebody and we all are busy in our work. Staying busy is a good thing, but staying chaotic is a very bad thing. Most of us are always busy and busy, always busy. If we are busy in doing the right thing, then our life gets more than expected and if it gets boring, then our life ends, in such a situation both life and time slip through our hands. Goes away.

We all have work, but the way we work is different. Everyone's preferences are different. Every floor is different. But the purpose of all of us is the same, and that is to reach your destination. And God has given us to fulfill our destiny, as time goes on,
Always living "24 hours in the form of 1 day and thus 365 days in 1 year, and 365 days 8760 hours". In this way you can guess, how many hours we have in 60 years. And what we can not achieve in those 60 years.
Just different ways of working for everyone, the priority is different. But, all of us have the work and we give priority to that too, should give it. But if we do not give priority to time then nothing will happen. That is why it is most necessary, that if we give priority to time and follow it properly, then our work will go on automatically. And we will reach our destination faster than expected. And get more than expected.

Time is Priceless!

Priceless is a word that has no value. Either it's a prize, or it's useless. But for the time, both of these words are short.

It is said that time is running at its own pace and man's breath is also counted. With one breath of our life, one unit of this priceless fund of life decreases. If one unit is eliminated in this way, one day the capital of life is also missed. At that time, death comes as a messenger and we are left alone. It says that "if we waste money, then only needs the money, but if we waste time, a part of our life is lost".

The time God has made the most powerful in this universe. Time does not wait for anyone, does not stop for anyone and never gets back. If you walk with time then "luck will change. And do not let it change luck. Perhaps this is why the time is also called "father of truth", because, with truth or falsehood, all things are automatically manifested. Everything becomes mature with it. That is why it is also called the father of truth. In this world, time is money, which all have received in the same amount and in limited quantity. If this money comes out of hand once, it will never come back, so that this priceless wealth should be thoughtfully spent.

Time Money

If we compare the times of wealth with this worldly wealth or material happiness then it will be wrong. Time is such a property, in which case, nature has neither made any rich nor has anybody poor He has sent all his invaluable glory with a free hand and has given the power of labor and time to grant this time to fight this war of life.

Who is more ignorant of those times even though the store of valuable assets can be found, who can not afford wealth and knowledge and can not afford it. Time is such a capital, which, if we do not spend, "this capital is spent automatically, it also spends us together". Because we can neither be mercurial nor add to it as gold and silver nor can we have authority over it like other property. We are the owners of time until they have the right use.

Twenty-four hours of night and night are not short-lived. If we make an account of how we are spending this time, we will become aware that we are living or we are doing a kind of suicide by destroying time. That is why observation of time is very important to live a good life, more important than human life and money-money is of the time. The wealth of wealth becomes poor. But, along with the monetary and social evils and difficulties, along with the financial difficulties of the time. That's why earning time will earn money.

Time to Trade

This time too strange is that every time he does business with us. Whether it is wrong or right, if we have the time, then it always takes nothing from us in return.

If we use the time, our life gets populated. But, if it is misused, it only changes a life. If you try to keep this money together, it also costs yourself and also spends it on us as well. Time does not belong to anybody It can change anything. "When the time is good, all the work gets better by itself, but if the time is bad then the work is going to get worse" and the accusation we feel on human beings, that man is good or bad.

Most People Can Not Use The Right Time.

It is not known in childhood that its value is understood. Only in sports and friends, they loot it. Then one day a youth comes. Puberty is found in the form of precious gift of time, which, if not allowed to be old by heart, can work more by making it last longer. And with this mercilessly spent, old age welcomes us with its weak ties and blind eyes. By then we get frustrated and plunge into the ocean of anxiety by placing our hand on the head and thinking that if nothing can be done in youth, then what will we do now? This disappointment takes us down, and we look forward to sitting and sitting. But the true merchant is the one who does not stop the business even after the loss but recoils it with endurance and intelligence.
KFC was started by Harland Sanders at the age of 62. To say, KFC's first Frenchisee was open on 24 September 1952. He did this even at the age of 62, because he had not been old enough.
That is why we should think about what happened if two-thirds of life had passed. One-third of the lives that are left can get a lot.

Perhaps this is why the time has been given the title of teacher. Because in our human daily life we learn first, then take the exam. But time takes our exams, then teaches.

Importance Of Time

Time is life, time is only flourishing, time is the ladder to climb up to the highest peak of greatness. "Time is also a kind of doctor". It is said over time that bigger wounds are also filled. Therefore, when the time is good then should not boast and time should be poor if it is bad and should do the right thing. Because every wound gets filled with time and everything gets cured.

Time Has Been Given The Title Of Mahakal

The person who understood the form of Mahakala's worship, it was fortunate to become a life of death and can be mocked with anyone, but not with Mahakala.

Nobody should make the mistake of counting the lion's teeth.

Forgetting the misuse of time is like destroying your destiny and future - like Latia.

The time was lost, he stopped the door of excellence and joy.

The cycle of the world is also not irregular, people and Dikpal, Earth and Sun Moon and other planets are moving at the speed of time.

There is no work of creation, due to the irregularity of time, what is the exact rule in the whole universe.

If people do not discipline the time then all social order will get disturbed, and it will be difficult for a person to stay comfortable for a minute.

Swami Ramdas used to say very important words about the use of time.

"One of the ever-changing symptoms. Let us leave a moment ".

That is, the person who utilizes the time, does not waste a moment, it is very fortunate, which is accompanied by both time and understanding, which is systematic and economical in the matter of wealth; Does. It is only wise to use every moment at the same time. Those who wish to advance should never waste their time. Always be cautious in using the time. Because the time passed today, tomorrow again he is not going to come.

We all should work according to their own interests. Make a planned routine and keep on running, be punctual and make your life successful by doing all the work hours.

Hopefully, this post would have liked you. Share it with your friends and family. With the help of every new post, we try to connect more than you can. It is very important to know the time. The person who recognized the time will recognize this world tomorrow. If there are any suggestions or complaints related to the post, then please type in the comment.

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