What Are The Different Google AdSense Products?

Many of you will know what Google Adsense is, but there will be many people who have no information about different products of Adsense. Through the Google AdSense program, these publishers provide an opportunity to monetize all their types of online content. So that they can get the right remuneration for their hard work. Whether you have a content website, or a mobile app, or a gaming site or a video hosting site, everything can be monetized using Google Adsense's different products.

If we talk about the first time then Google used to be the first separate service for mobile phones. But later Google turned off the AdSense ads for mobile ads, because content ads can be optimized, which supports smartphones devices like iPhone, iPad and Android phones. From now on one thing becomes clear that only one Adsense account cannot be monetized for all types of content. It is therefore important to know what is the different products of Google Adsense and how and where they can be used. Therefore, today I thought about why you should also introduce people to other products of Adsense so that you know about it and you can use them correctly. So let's begin without delay.

Now let's know about all the different Google Adsense products.

1. What is AdSense for Content?
Adsense for Content means Adsense Account for Online Contents. Any publisher who has its own website can apply for an AdSense program and can turn money into its online content. Since Google is a very big tech company in the world, it can easily bring billions of advertisers to its publishers who can deliver high paying ads to its publishers. For this, just have some decent traffic in your site and should follow your site AdSense policies. In this case, Google's Adsense approval is easily available on your site.

What are the benefits of AdSense for Content?
Let us now know about all the benefits of Adsense for Content.

Too much Earning Potential
Due to Google's access too much, publishers will never miss the advertisers. Along with better and high paying advertisers, publishers' earning potential will increase substantially. Google offers about 68% of advertiser's amount to our publishers. This makes the publisher a lot of money.

You can manage your own ads
You have all the tools available for managing Ads. You can choose for yourself what kinds of ads will be displayed on your web pages. Apart from this, you can place them wherever you want. You can also block any ads if you wish if you think that they are not right for your visitors and can also customize the ads.

You can also monitor the AdSense performance
You can also view all the reports on your site in the details. They can see which ads are doing the right thing for you and the ads in the pages are not working properly. With this, you can also replace them with the appropriate content and can increase your revenue.

It is completely free
AdSense is really a free program in which you do not have to sell anything to anyone, do not have to install anything and neither have any contracts to work. Just once this approves and gets set up, you can easily earn good money every month. So, what is the delay, apply Google Adsense now and get the approval.

What is AdSense for Search
This allows users to search the web directly from your web pages using AdSense for search. All you need to do is place an AdSense space for the search box in your site and you can easily generate earnings from ad clicks that your users do in search result pages.
If you have a content site, then you can use the free Custom Search Engine product in your AdSense account, which will provide better Google search results to users, as well as targeted search ads. If you are operating a search based site, then you can use Custom Search Ads with your own search results. Using both the AdSense for content and Search box together will get a good boost in your revenue.

What are the Benefits of AdSense for Search?
Let's know more about all the benefits of Adsense for Search.

Increasing Earning Potential
Google gives you about 51% of the amount that it collects from advertisers, in AdSense for Search Ads, under a revenue sharing model. Let's understand this with an example. An advertiser pays $1 for a click, so when someone clicks on an ad that is used in the Google search box that has been placed in your site, Google offers you $0.51 and the rest is $0.49 Keeps close to you.

You can manage AdSense for Search Box
Choose your site - Make the same site you want to include in search results. Here you only get options to choose your site, a collection of sites, or the entire web.
You have to customize the look and also increase the feel of the search box - for that, you have to choose the right colors and add those ads to the right location.
Being Host Option - You can choose whether you want to host the results of your site or you want Google to host it for you.

What is AdSense for Games
This is Google's very best product that allows you to view video ads, image ads and text ads to your users in your HTML5 online games so you can earn a lot of revenue. In AdSense for games, it uses Google's Interactive Media Ads (IMA) SDK, a technology that helps you to request ads in your games.

Most leading gaming publishers in the world use these IMA SDKs to request and display in-game ads. If you want to use AdSense for games, then you have to be technically proficient in ActionScript and it will be ensured that you are aware of all the IMA terms.

Apart from this, you also need to find some information in some other subjects:-
  • You can only integrate AdSense for games into web-based Flash games.
  • All your content should be family safe and should be targeted for people aged 13 and above.
  • It is very important to have this information so that you can track back all the embed destinations and you must have complete control of the game distribution.
  • You must have legal rights to monetize the game.
  • Let's know what types of ads types Google IMA SDK supports
Pre-roll: This is a linear ad that is played before content.
Mid-roll: This is a linear ad that is played in the middle of the content.
Post-roll: This is a linear ad that is played in the last part of the content.

What is AdSense for Videos?
This allows publishers through AdSense for Video to display viewer-friendly video advertising in your video sites. Publishers can earn revenue in it by displaying in-stream video ads, flash overlay ads, and text overlay ads.

Let's know about some benefits of video ads
You can Monetize Your Video Site by placing inline video ads.
This allows you to come in contact with many global and local video advertisers around the world.
This lets you easily manage your video ads.

As we all know, Blogger is a free platform from Google, which offers publishers the ability to write and publish content. The best thing about this is that you can automatically integrate it with an AdSense account with Blogger and you can easily make money from your post.

They are also related to blogging
As soon as Blogger, Google also allows you to monetize your videos on YouTube, which are hosted on YouTube. You can easily monetize those videos, you just have to get the approval of Adsense Account for it. And if you meet all the terms and conditions of Youtube then you can earn a lot of it.

What is AdMob for Publishers?
AdMob is an additional product which is offered by Google except for Adsense. AdMob is used to show inline ads in the mobile app. With it, you can easily integrate and earn a great deal in your Android Apps.

Now you have come to understand that Google gives you an opportunity to show ads in all possible ways in your online content. That's why you recommend this thing that if you want, you can create a website or an app for yourself and you can get good traffic in less time, after which you can apply for an AdSense account. Once approved, you can display ads on your site according to the Adsense policies.


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