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Friends, today we will talk about the importance of the internet in our daily lives because in today's era we have no work which we can do without the internet. Today we are completely dependent on the internet today, for this, we have known today What is the benefit to us from the internet!

Friends, what we benefit from is the loss of that thing too! Yes, this is right Internet is something similar in our lives. Friends, this part of today's race, in a race full of life, we are only doing anything to search the Internet. There is no leisure time in today's world, the man takes a lot of time to face down and on the social network but it is not that the internet is wrong for us.

Friends Internet is a violation of our life. We are incomplete without the internet in today's world because there is no such thing without the internet that we can do everything we need on the internet. Every work is done in the world today.

But the way we have benefitted from the internet, we have a loss to it as well. If we misuse it then we will know more about what is the benefit of the Internet and what is it

At first, we talk about what is the internet

Have you ever wondered what the internet is, who is the owner of the internet or what its advantages and disadvantages are? Frankly, today's world will not even have a moment without it, from home to the outside, everywhere you will find this in some form. It is very important to be aware of what we use so much.

Before I give you information about what the internet is, let me tell you a few things. Nowadays, in the world, people can not eat without electricity, without having to eat without it, but without internet, they can not live without you. By the way, you are thinking It is a matter of saying, but this is the reality for the nowadays Nojawan generation, which is the same in the mobile,

And if you ask him what he is doing then he will say this, the internet will answer the same question only, I will give you what the internet is and along with it will provide some more information. Keep reading this article. If the article ends, you will have increased the reserves of knowledge.

If I answer this in a single line of friends, then the burden of this world is the network of big networks,
In the net, data and information are being routed through the router and the server. Router and server only attach all the computers in the world, when the message goes from one computer to another computer, then a portable device is named after the IP ( Internet Protocol) means the Internet's rules to run the Internet, which is written in programming.

Some other means of internet

So if you have to understand the meaning of internet, then read and understand this information well.
  • This is a great meeting of all big networks
  • This is a great way to send information, in which information is sent to each other.
  • This is a big network of computers all over the world, which keeps all the computers connected.
  • This is called the world wide web or the World Wide Network, if someone asks you what is the world's largest network, then the answer will be Internet
  • It connects all the computers of the world through the router and the server so that the data and information can reach every computer.
In this case, all the computers are stored, but the IP address is used to know their address, which remains the same for every computer.

Internet history
  • Talking about the history of Net, in 1969, it was the first step in the world, and it went ahead with the change of time and technology and is no longer taking the name of the stop. Know a little more.
  • Internet originated with ARPANET (ADVANCE RESEARCH PROJECT AGENCY Network).
  • ARPANET was part of Ameriaca's defense division in 1969.
  • Initially, this network was created to send Gupta's letter through the computer, the name was ARPANET.
  • Initially, this was used to connect computers to five US University.
  • By the time of 1972, this world was connected to 23 Node and different countries of the world, given the name was given later
  • From the beginning, this network was used on the net of the private network. Afterward, it went all the way and it has been transformed throughout the year and now you have the same internet connection, my information is the Internet and you were reading the
History of the Internet in India
  • Internet was first used in India on August 15, 1995. VSNL (Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited), the largest telecom company at that time, was given this service. After this, it had brought some change in India in this way.
  • NATs were carried out in large cities
  • The email address, 1996 Raidiffmail, started in India.
  • First Cyber Cafe in Mumbai opened in 1996 in Mumbai.
  • 1997, the site like Noukri.com was built in India, today everyone has this public.
  • The 1999 Hindi portal "Web Dunia" started.
  • Until the decade of 2000, technology act 2000 was introduced in India.
  • Yahoo India and MSN India also started in 2000.
  • 2001 Online Train Website irctc.in was launched.
  • If you use the Internet properly, you can do something like that, so read the advantages of the given net and make your life digital.
  • It is more helpful to give information about social, networking, education, entertainment, online, more information.
  • It will save you time, and if you want, you can learn something from the bowl.
  • By using it we can find any information easily. As we do in Google.
  • Anyone can easily send us a message, audio, video, document, internet, as everyone does on Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter.
  • If you are studying today, everyone can study and search online nowadays.
  • And the best advantage - online service, online shopping, online recharge, has been found only because of the Internet.
  • Through this, you can interact with someone to call a video.
  • Because of this, the e-commerce site is fast growing fast nowadays.
  • In this, you can share information, e-mail has such a facility that you have been due to the internet.
What is the loss of internet

If you have to run your life properly, in this digital world, then read these things carefully, and tell others.

The loss of it is addictive, if you get it, then keep it up and you will be wasting your time.
Anyone can share anything in writing whether it is true or false, because of this, misinformation is available to the people.

Through it, all your data can be stolen from your computer via hacker.
Sometimes, any wrong video (link) spreads quickly in the net, this is also a disadvantage.
Virus on the computer can reach your computer only from the Internet so that all your data can disappear and slows your computer too.

All the prominent sites in the net are on the net, which contains pornographic images and videos, and they have a bad effect on the brains of the children.
Some of the social sites like Facebook, Instagram, in which some people leave a picture of anyone, they are also the loss of the internet.

There are some websites on the internet where people ask you a few questions and take all the information and take advantage of it.
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