A lot of people want to get a lot of things in their life, many people are desperate to prove themselves, a lot of people are pained inwardly - they are yearning to fly in this open sky like a free trap,
A lot of people want to do a lot but they are imprisoned, they are imprisoned behind those unseen walls where they can not get out. Walls of relationships, walls of society, walls of poverty - fear of spreading, fear not to do anything, and not many such walls which have prevented these people from coming forward. But what is the truth? - Are these walls really so strong that you are just stopping because of them?

Do not know the story of an elephant's child- how his master always tied his last leg with a rope in his childhood, in fact at that time his master had not bound his leg, he had tied the elephant's mind- one The bar tied the elephant's mind and then the elephant became his slave forever.

The elephant's mindset the unseen walls around it, which your mind has kept standing around you today. Peeping inside you look- you have become the slave of this mind-the walls you are seeing are not in existence - they are all done in your mind - recognize yourself. Understand your strength You are a free and powerful person Be - Do not behave like a slave. Try to look across these false walls -

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I know that you also dream about - you are also troubling inwardly - you are upset to prove yourself - there are many good ideas in your mind - and you know that if any one of these ideas is also done If you do, your life will change but you are not applying them in your life -

Reason: The walls created by these unseen minds - who have kept you captive -

The person whose house is to be born or not, the person cannot decide - but how is that person to live his life - what kind of life he wants for himself - he has to decide only, so think About this - why do you stay - for whom are you waiting - Break today, these walls - be it free - Today is the time - What life do you want to live - Choose for yourself today -

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